How to support the Paradox Gaming Network

How to Support

People often ask what’s the best way to support the Paradox Gaming Network. Many streamers and content creators are making amazing content to support themselves and their families financially. I am blessed and have reached a stage in my life where I don’t need any external financial support. I don’t need subscribers, tips, bits, donations to support myself, my life, or my family. Any financial support that I do happen to receive pays for company obligations (taxes, websites, domain names) and then finances more PGN Music to be made. So as far as financial support is concerned, it is always appreciated but never expected or required.

Of course, even though the network doesn't require any financial support, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to ask you to consider supporting Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Network. Every year I do fundraising for charity and Extra Life has become my charity of choice. If you really want to support us, I would ask you to consider making a donation through our fundraising campaign link. Beyond that, I’ve listen several ways to support the Paradox Gaming Network with both no-cost and direct donation options.

Extra Life

No cost support

While Paradox does not need financial support, what we do need is the grass roots support every small organization needs. First and foremost, what I need is feedback. If I make a piece of content that misses the mark, I need to hear that. This was bad, this was good, this was ok, this could have been better. Also, ideas, if you have ideas for videos, livestream topics, games I should cover, please share all those with me. While I love making my own content, what I really enjoy is making content that someone has asked me to make.

Beyond feedback and ideas, is growing the different brands that I have. Growing anything social media related is difficult, but it starts with each and every one of you.


When a video comes out on the gaming or music channel, simply pressing the like button and leaving a comment both go a long way to telling the YouTube algorithm the content is good. If you have someone that you think would appreciate the content, share it with them. The first 24 to 48 hours of a video are crucial to it being successfully picked up by the algorithm so like, share, comment, all those important grass roots things.


I appreciate every person who hangs out during the shows, regardless of if you come in for five minutes or four hours. Streaming doesn’t really work when there is no give and take between the streamer and the audience. So, for the people who come in and chat and add meaningful discussion thank you, and for the people who come in and just lurk, thank you. When I’m streaming, if you can’t hang out and watch the show but you can lurk, lurking is an amazing way to help bump the numbers and Twitch is really a numbers game.

If you happen to have Amazon Prime, then remember you also have Prime Gaming and a free Prime subscription to one Streamer each month. If you aren’t going to use your prime subscription on Paradox Gaming, make sure you pick one streamer each month to give a sub to. Streamers do make money from Prime Subs, and since it’s free for you, make sure you use it.


Social Media is something I struggle with, and Twitter is no exception. Twitter is a platform I struggle with growing on, but it still is relevant. I know a lot of people aren’t on Twitter, and that’s ok. The few of you who are on Twitter, if you see a Tweet you think is good, go ahead and retweet it for me. If you want to chime in, leave a comment. More than that, if you see a Tweet from another creator and you think it’s something I should jump in on, go ahead and comment on that Tweet and tag me so I can jump in on the conversation.

Twitter Logo

Epic Games Store

If you happen to be making a purchase at the Epic Games Store, and you don’t have another creator tag to throw in the support a creator box, put in Jahlon. That will generate revenue from Epic Games at zero cost to you.

Epic Games Store Logo

Ashes of Creation

For a long time I was covering Ashes of Creation on almost a daily basis. While I have taken the better part of a year off while waiting for an Alpha 2 date, my referral code remains active. If you happen to be signing up for Ashes of Creation use this linkand basically help the Paradox Gaming Network fund projects at zero cost to you.

PGN Music

Can you believe that PGN Music has grown to over 500 copyright free tracks? PGN Music can be found on Spotify, Iheartradio, Amazon Music, Apple Music and so many other streaming platforms that it has become impossible to keep track of everywhere the music is. Right now, in 2024 we are doing a heavy push in lo-fi and chill music with a new style of fantasy music mixed in. After this push we will slow down and start making more singles in different genres.


The Spotify channel was something that wasn’t originally intended as a project, however, as it’s one of the best ways to get music in front of a lot of people, the organization set one up. Amazingly in the last year, the Spotify channel has gotten over 407k plays with 31k listeners. While that may not be impressive compared to some of the major channels on Spotify, it is a growing point, a clear sign of growth and every large channel started off as a small channel. If you happen to have Spotify please consider following PGN Music as we are struggling to build our follower count, and then of course if you like the music tell me which tracks you like the most.


Bandcamp is a new place where we are putting PGN Music. It’s something that has been said is a good place for getting exposure, and right now exposure is what we need the most. The quality of the music tracks we have commissioned is amazing. It would be a disservice to the artists that I have worked with to not do everything in my power to increase the marketing and reach so that we can continue to fund more work. Bandcamp is the only real place I am promoting as an individual location (other than Spotify) as some people have asked where they can purchase the music for download for their projects. Bandcamp is that answer.

Direct Donations

For people who are looking to provide direct financial support to the Paradox Gaming Network we have three options available, however, as I have said I would much rather prefer you make a donation through our fundraising link to Extra Life for Children with that link at the top of the page.

The first option for a one-time donation can be done through SE Pay. Although this is the donation link for my Twitch account, the money goes towards PGN Music or other bills.

For longer term support, I have both a Patreon and a Buy Me a Coffee with the links on the right.