Archeage 101 - World Boss rifts

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World Boss Rifts

With the introduction of 4.5 they added a little something extra to the basically meaningless World Bosses that were roaming around the world.


Prior to 4.5 most of the World Bosses were killed one time for a quest-line (usually the Dream Ring, Ynystere Holy Ring, or a few other items) and then farmed for guild prestige.  Now the World Bosses are still farmed, but now the world bosses have a chance to drop Golden Chests which are very profitable when opened.


In addition, after the death of the boss a rift will form which spawns a bunch of mobs and a few sub-bosses which can drop additional Gold Chests as well as Crafting Materials for special “Loot” Cargo packs which are rather profitable.  


Militia Quests


As a small added bonus, there is a one time quest to be done in each zone that has a world boss that summons a rift.  You can get 500 honor for completing this quest and since all it does is require the rift to completed, it's a no-brainer.  Pick the quest up at the Community Center for each zone. Kill the number of mobs required and then turn the quest in.

With the World Boss Rifts covered, we will now discuss Consumables.

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