The Value of Value

So I understand that 2020 has been a rough year for people.  Rough year for businesses, rough year for people losing their jobs, rough year for people needing money.  There has been a massive influx of people joining the Content Creation World due to the amount of free time they have due to not having jobs.  I’ve also noticed a huge influx of BAD habits in those new content creators.

I see new creators and I go to their channel and right off the bat I see “Donate to me” “Subscribe to me” “Click on some affiliate links” basically saying GIVE ME MONEY.  Why should I as a viewer ever consider giving you a dollar until you as the entertainer or educator has given me something of value?  Besides, if you are reading this page, you aren’t looking for easy money, well I hope you aren’t.  You are looking for advice on getting started. 


Let me tell you, a community is going to be far more valuable to you than a few bucks you milk out of your first few viewers.  Invest time in your brand.  Develop something of actual value.  When you do that, you will find you start making money without ever having to ask your viewers to financially support you.