The Two Es of Video Making

If you are making your YouTube content, and then trying to market or promote it, and wondering why the video is failing, you are doing everything in the wrong order. 


In order for a video to be successful you have to figure out which E you are going to fullfill.  

There are two Es when it comes to YouTube Content Creation

Entertainment and Education


Expectation management is critical in your early days as a content creator. 


If you push out a How-To video and you expect it to get thousands of views in a few days, you are setting your expectations too high.  A How-To video (Education), unless it is a currently trending issue thousands of people are struggling with, is going to be a video people only look up when they have that particular issue.

On the flip side, an Entertaining video will have a very fast growth curve as people find enjoyment in the video and they share it, but once the video has run its course you aren’t expecting continued returns on the video.


One trick is to develop videos that are both Entertaining and Educational.  If you can manage to do this, you will see some immediate success with continued returns.  Another trick is to develop Educational Content that is seasonally motivated, so How-To videos around the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc)

Long story short:  Have realistic expectations in mind when you are making your video.  Know which E need you are fulfilling for your viewers BEFORE you make the video.  That way you know if the video is supposed to grow slow or grow fast.