Things I wish I knew when I started

Do not chase subscribers

There are a ton of things I wish I knew when I first got started being a content creator.  I have made tons of mistakes, as I have documented in my YouTuber Epic fail video.  Like you, I started off chasing subscriber goals.  First it was 100, then 500, then 1000, 2500, 5000.  I literally wasted 3 years and 151 days chasing a goal of getting my first 5,000 YouTube subscribers.  Looking back this was a stupid goal to chase and it probably cost me a good two or two and a half years of time I could have used growing my channel. 

I spent the summer of 2019 thinking about what I was doing as a content creator.  I wasn’t making a lot of content, but the content I was making was much better than my previous content.  I started to really refine my recording, my scripts, y thumbnails.  While it took me three years to grow my channel to 3,600 subscribers, really sitting down and thinking about what I was doing allowed me to grow my channel by an additional 1,400 subscribers in 6 months.  

Let that one really sink in.  It took my 3 years to get to 3,600 subscribers, roughly 1,200 per year.  By making one simple change and taking my attention off my subscribers, I managed to grow by 1,400 subscribers in six months.  Better than that, because my channel was doing much better at all the right things a channel needs to do to grow, and because a Window of Opportunity opened for me, I actually exploded from 5,000 subscribers to 12,000 subscribers within another 6 months. 


Then, things were slow again, in fact things were going in reverse.  I changed up content, stopped doing my old content, starting doing some new content and I had months where my subscriber count was actually in the negatives.  If this happens do not panic, continue to do what you were doing when you had success and it will catch up again.  Sometimes it is much to do with a window of opportunity as it is to do with something you are doing. 

In 2020 I was struggling with growth again, and then due to the actions of a different content creator realizing a video, I suddenly shot up with back to back months of 1,300 subscribers each.  Your growth won't always be the result of things you do, somethings its stuff you have no part of. 

The lesson here is if I been putting all my effort into chasing subscribers, I’d still probably be at 5,000 subscribers, but since I stopped caring about subscribers and worried about the content, I had not only the success I wanted, but I had developed a channel, I had developed all the good things about a channel that led to success.   


So to let you in on the first secret   
Do not chase subscribers
It is a stupid goal.