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Dominion:  Guild vs Guild war lasting for one hour.  Cannot be declared against a guild that is not at least level 3.  Cannot be declared against a guild that is under a Peace Treaty.  

Social Organizations



I originally wasn't going to include Factions in the social organization list because you don't really have a choice in them, however, since players do have a choice we will talk about them quickly.


As stated before, your original faction is determined by your racial selection.  All Nuians, Elves, and Dwarves are members of the Nuian Faction.  All Harani, Firran, and Warborn are part of the Haranyan Faction.  This is always your default option, there is no changing it.  Although you can join the Pirate Nation or a Player Nation what you can never do is join the opposite faction.

Now, as far as Faction Based things to do, the only true Faction based events in the game revolve around the Pirate Nation.  The pirates have the responsibility to defend Morpheus, Rangora, Delphinad Ghost Ships, and to destroy the Levithan carcass when it is killed.   


For the Delphinad Ghost Ships, if the pirates manage to defend them until they despawn, then the ghost ships will drop 15 of the DGS their packs (worth 60 Charcoal at 130% value) as pirate only lootable packs.  Note, this only works for the original looting of the packs.  If a pirate loots the packs and then dies and the pack drops, it becomes fair game for anyone to pick up.     

Additionally, there are quests the pirates get to defend Morph and Rangora where the Pirates have to prevent them from getting killed until they naturally spawn at the end of their timer.  If the pirates manage to do this, one of them can get a Gold Crate, and the rest will get 400 honor for the Quest.   Not as good as if they could kill it themselves (speaking for the Gold Crates) but still pretty good.   

Finally, when it comes to Leviathan, when it comes to the God of the Sea, the goal isn't for the Pirates to defend the beast, but instead to make sure his body gets destroyed before it gets hauled up to Diamond Shores.  If they manage to do this, they earn the a title.    


Guilds are a staple of every MMORPG game.  I am hard pressed to think of a game that didn't have something that functioned with a "guild" mentality, be it a Corporation (Eve Online) Free Company (FFXIV) or straight up Guild like most games. 

In Archeage, guilds are not a requirement for most of the content.  The only "Guild Specific" content is the Castle Siege system, everything else you can be a solo player and only team with people when you need something (dungeons, world events, etc) or you can form/join a guild and put together a robust group of players that are all working together towards the same goals.

While the social aspect of guilds is always the most important in my book, there are some tangible mechanic benefits to being in a guild.  We will cover those below with Guild Buffs.

For returning players, a few pedigree facts about guilds.  The first is that they are capped at 50 people, which is a much lower number from launch (1,500) and from before 4.5 (100).  Also, only the top 20 guilds on a server can bid for siege scrolls during siege weekend. This means that if you want to content for a castle you have to be one of those top 20 guilds (or do some of the goofy work-arounds for moving a siege scroll, which truthfully I do not recommend)   


Guild Buffs

A guild starts at Level 1, and at level once the guilds gets an increase to dash speed.   

At Level 2 the guild gets a buff of 7% XP Gain on top of the Dash Speed bonus, so new

players are really going to be looking for at least a Level 2 guild so they can get that XP

boost, 7% is fairly sizeable XP boost.  That 7% becomes 15% when you complete one of

your Guild Missions or certain world events.  This increased boost lasts for two hours.

As the guild levels you begin to get boosts to your loot drop rate, a decrease in your recall

cooldown and cast time, honor for serving on juries and other buffs.  When you reach

rank 8 your guild buff will include all of the buffs displayed to the left.  

Guild XP

Guilds earn XP when the members of the guild reach levels between 10 and 55.  The guild receives 50% of their new level in XP. Guilds also get XP when people complete guild dailies and for participating in Sieges and for participating in Guild Dominions.  A very small amount of Guild XP and Prestige can be earned from doing the Occlera Rift in Diamond Shores, but if you get the bulk of your guild doing it, it can add up quickly.  



Dominions are guild wars between two guilds regardless of faction.  This only applies to guilds that are level 3 and above and not under a Peace Treaty.   This means that one Haranyan guild can dominion another Haryanan guild and kill them without crime or infamy points and the same with the Nuians.  


Guild Dailies


Guild dailies are a way to earn prestige and to help level your guild.  Unlike your personal dailies which are a result of RNG as to which dailies you get on any given night, Guild Dailies are always the same Six Quests.  

As a step by step:

Quest 1 Requires you do to the Archeum Pack Quest in Diamond Shores.  You pick up the quest at the Pavilion in your Diamond Shores housing zone, make at least one pack, take it to your fortress and then you are done.  This will grant you 20 Guild XP and 10 Prestige for completing the quest.  Additional quests can be picked up and additional packs run if you want to earn extra Guild XP and Guild Prestige, but the daily itself can only be done once per day.      

Quest 2 requires that you destroy a bunker in

Diamond Shores.   This can be done with or without

a tank, but it is easier with one. This is normally

done by the first couple Crimson Rift (CR) or

Grimghast Rift (GR) raids of the night.  This will

earl you 40 Guild XP and 10 Prestige.   

Quest 3 requires that you grow Experia Items.  You

do not actually have to let them grow, you can plant

them and then dig them up, which is a rather

expensive way to do.  If you have enough land you

can also plant Experia Pines and let them grow old

and by trimming them, it will count for the daily. 

This will earn you 10 Prestige.  


Quest 4 is infinitely repeatable, you need to turn in

5 of whatever material is request and 4 Blue Salt

Hammer.  After you do it once the required materials

will change.  Doing this grants 4 Guild XP and 1

Prestige so it is not worth it unless your guild needs

only a few XP to level.

Quest 5 is requires you to do one of the Zone Hunter dailies at a Community Center in a hostile zone.  Report to a Blue Salt Brotherhood Request Manager in one of the Contested Zones and Purchse the Hunting Request.  Upon completion of the hunting request the Guild Daily will be completed as well.

Quest 6 requires the killing of a World Boss.  Luckily, the bosses that spawn at the end of CR/GR count for this daily so it is easy enough to get them completed doing that.  Also, these do not have to be rift World Bosses, the forgotten World Bosses around the globe will still count for this quest and can more easily found alive as people kill Rift Bosses on spawn for the loot.

Prestige Shop

The prestige shop in your guild menu is where you spend prestige you earn from doing guild dailies, however, this will be covered in detail in the specialty currencies section.   


How to find a Guild


Luckily, Archeage has a guild application system that makes it easy to find a guild.  All you need to do is open up the Community Tab (Shift+V) go to Guilds and then the Recruit/Search tab and you will see a list of guilds that are currently recruiting new members.


An interesting concept that appears in Archeage is the family system.  Families are a group of up to 10 people (12 if you use 2 Family Growth Tickets from the cash shop) who all can form a group together.

First and foremost, Family is also one of the unique settings for chest and property access, which allows you to share your land and chests with people you trust, instead of all the people in your guild.  That topic is covered in more detail in the housing chapter.

Family Buffs

A key benefit of having a family is the 20% Vocational XP bonus that you get right

from being in a level 1 Family.  This helps you to level up when spending labor. 

Coupled with the Guild XP bonus you, you will very quickly level when you have

all the free XP boosts in place.  

There are two other family buffs as shown on the left.  The first is an increase in speed

while walking with trade packs and an extension on the forewind buff on fishing boats

and merchant ships.

Family Quests

Just like Guilds, familes also have quests that exist to help with character development. 


Family quests are a great way to accumulate Both Blue Salt Bonds and Vocation Badges.  Blue Salt bonds will discussed in the next section of Specialty Currencies to keep all the relevant topics, together. 

Quest 1 will require you to Talk to a Blue Salt Brotherhood Community Center Manager and deliver 30 Stone Bricks, Iron, Lumber, Leather or Cloth depending on which zone you are in.  Now, the reason why I do not particularly like this quest is because while it is a family quest, it also requires you to be a resident of a zone to complete it.  Doing the Family Quest part of it will give you 100 Family XP and 1000 Vocation Badges, but you'll also get 500 Vocation Badges from the quest Manger's Quest part of it.

Quest 2 is a rotating quest that actually requires you to work with the different members of your family.   The Quest changes between:

Golden Sheep 

Stonerind Pumpkin 

Regional Stew

Ironwood Tree

Royal Queen Bee

While most of these are designed for three people (Royal Queen Bee Only needs 2), you can actually do most of them with 2, and the Ironwood Tree can be done with 1 person.  An interesting trick is that even if you complete the task with 3 members of the family, the entire family can come and collect the reward and complete it.  This works really well if you are able to have numerous accounts in at one time and rotate quickly between characters.  The reward for this is 100 Family XP and 1500 Vocation Badges.   

Quest 3 is a Cargo Delivery Quest.  You

pick up Cargo in Either Two Crowns or

Solis Headlands and then ride the boat

and turn the cargo in for Onyx Archeum

Essence (Charcoal), or take your chances

and run it on a boat of your own.   The

reward for this is 100 Family XP and 1500

Vocation Badges plus 20 Onyx Archeum

Essence completion of the Family Quest.  

NOTE:  The pack is only worth 20 Charcoal

when you are doing the family quest.  If

you are doing standard Onyx Archeum

Essence runs, it is worth between 13 and

15.  You are better off going to Diamond

shores or not running Cargo at all.  Cargo

pack running will be discussed in more

detail in the Making Gold Appendix. 

With Social Organizations covered, we

will now discuss Specialty Currencies.

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