My off week was busier than most on weeks

April 22, 2018

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So even though I haven’t really gamed much this week, it was still a really busy week.  I ended up doing a ton of support level work for Paradox, I completely redid my OBS stuff in Streamlabs OBS, I produced three videos, and I start rearranging the office so I have more work-space.     




Ok, so Battletech is at the top of the list this week because its what I’m going to be playing next.  I’ve been a huge Battletech fan since the tabletop game all the way back in the 80s (Yes, the 1980s).


Really looking forward to having this to play as a distraction for a little while.  It will probably make for some good stream filler but it is by no means the next major thing I’m going to be doing.   It's just something to fill the void.


This will be the focus of my stream on Wednesday 25 April at 2100 EST.   




So, I have some good news about Bless and that is we are going to be getting all sorts of news soon.  First and foremost, I have a video done on Bless for April and its up on YouTube, Patreon and on the webpage for those of you who prefer things in an audio/visual media


I can tell you here that the next major date for Bless is 9 May, and that’s the day we are going to find out about the Emissaries.  I am not expecting to make the cut given some of the content that’s on my YouTube currently, however, stranger things have happened.  


If I make it into the Bless Emissary program, then that will drive some of my decision making for the next few months as I will dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the project.  If I do not make it into the program, then I will probably take a quick jump into Camelot Unchained just to check it out.


The other major date is on 11 May when we get the big Bless Press Conference.  This is going to be the roadmap for the NA release of Bless with hopefully dates and prices.   


The one thing that is certain is that I am going to be making Bless 101 just as soon as I have the material at hand to do so.  




So lots of good news on Ashes.


First and foremost I was invited into the Content Creator program, sorta just on the spot by the CEO Steven Sharif.  I didn’t have the prerequisite number of subscribers but I have been working on Ashes content for the last seven months.  While my stuff isn’t blowing up the charts, it is doing some solid business. Speaking of my stuff, I have two videos up for your viewing pleasure.  The first is on this whole Pyramid Scheme thing that continues to linger; the other is on the April market changes and what I think are the top 5 quotes from the PAX East Ashes of Creation Panel discussion.   


I also bring a lot of people to the party.  In fact, it was funny someone in the Ashes Discord was asking how to check their referral status.  I answered them and then they were like “yeah it's your referral I’m trying to use.”


On the topic of referrals, I have hit my first goal I wanted to hit with 300 visits through my link.  My next personal goal is to have 100 referrals, which means I have to convince 4 more people to sign up through my link.   Not a hard goal. I’m going to aim for May 15th on that one.


Speaking on the referral system, Intrepid is one of those companies that just keeps impressing me and impressing me.  Last week I talked about the issues I’ve had with the referral system. This week, they contacted me asking for data so they can continue to make progress on improving the system.  Every company is going to make mistakes. Every single company. What impresses me is how a company fixes their mistakes. Are they fixing the symptoms or the root cause? Every single time time Intrepid needs to fix something they go right for the root cause and make changes that fix the problems permanently.


If you are interested in Ashes of Creation, I’m going to shamelessly ask that you register for the game using my referral link (  


The reason why is that I will get 15% of all your purchases back, which will give me a bigger pool of money to do giveaways with.   This is quite literally the simplest way to support Paradox. Costs you nothing above and beyond what you pay to the game (sub fee, cash shop purchases, etc) anyway.      




Ok, so as a man of my word I have at least one if not three Apex to give away for Archeage.    I’m going to be doing three contests for hitting the April, probably May, and almost most certainly the 5 Patreon goals.   What I will do is do a giveaways for those three milestones. If the winner doesn’t play Archeage, then they can forfeit their prize.   I will do a gentleman’s agreement to give them something out of my own pocket. This keeps it all legal as the Gaming Network will have done the contests it said it would.       



Letting things simmer


Sometimes when you are cooking you get things going to fast and you need to ease off a little bit and let things simmer.  We saw massive explosive growth with Archeage Fresh Start and 4.5 and now we don’t have a game to go to so we need to just slide this bad boy over to a lower flame and let it simmer for a minute.


Nothing major here other than the three videos done this week.  We continue to trek along nicely, not as quickly as we were when we were doing Archeage content getting ready to go into Fresh Start and 4.5, but still at a good growth rate.  Keep an eye on the YouTube, we crushed April’s goal and we wanted to be sitting at 2,390 on 31 May. I’m not going to lie 238 in five weeks isn’t a lot of subs to pick up, but it's quite a few to pick up without a game to be living in.  I also have to pick up 1,124 this year to hit the goal I wanted to be at, but I’m totally confident that between Bless Online and Ashes of Creation Alpha 1 content we are going to crush that number.



Locked and Loaded


So taking a week off Twitch was great for me because I spent all my show prep time learning Streamlabs-OBS making things look neater and cleaner.  


I’d tell you more but just show up for the Show on Wednesday night at 2100 EDT and you’ll see all the changes on the channel.




No changes here yet guys.  As soon as the 1 May billing cycle rolls, if there are 5 paying Patrons I will do the raffle I talked about above.   


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