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June 24, 2018

This week from the

Paradox Gaming Network


Well I’m back from vacation and let me tell you I didn’t realize how much I needed a real vacation until I as there.  The last 4 years of my military career plus sorting out this first year of retirement, becoming a content creator, a video maker, a streamer, has all been a mind boggling experience.  I needed to unplug so for the first time ever I went on vacation and didn’t take my laptop and I only carried my phone on one day to take pictures at one event.


Now that I am back (with a hot tub in the backyard for when I’m relaxing) I’m ready to dig into some new games, keep visiting some old ones, and genuinely figure out what the future of the Paradox Gaming Network is.  


Summer Motivation Challenge


Before I start with any video game stuff I throw down the gauntlet.  Since this is officially the first week of summer, my official weigh in was 219 pounds.  My goal is 200 by the end of summer. I challenge all of you to set a fitness goal and then meet it by cutting empty calories (soda is the easiest one) walking 2.0 miles a day, and maybe just maybe hitting that gym.


You need more time in the oven


Bless is like your mom’s cookies on a cold winter day.  You really really really want them and you want them right now.  The only problem is they aren’t ready right now and they need another 5 minutes in the oven, then they still need to cool.


That’s the situation we are in with Bless right now.  We really wanted Bless, and when we got it we found it was undercooked.  Except it wasn’t fully undercooked the chocolate chips on top were scalding hot so now we have a burned the roof of our mouth and we have a mouthful of unfinished cookie dough.  No wonder why everyone is spitting this game into the trash.


In less than 1 month Bless has settled in at under 8,000 regular players.  Now Neowiz wants to trim the game down to 2 NA servers and 2 EU Servers. Which personally, is yet another mistake.  Instead of making yet another radical mistake (which the combat “balancing” was radical mistakes) they need to slow down and they need to combine the servers where they list the servers by population.  Then they take the population from the least populated server and add it to the most third most population server. Then you take the 7th server and merge it into number 4, and the 6th server and merge it into number 5.  This would eliminate three servers and bring servers 3-5 up to maybe more healthy populations. This would also allow you to stop the merger process if there were problems.


My money right now is on another disaster happening to Neowiz, and I’m not sure how many more fumbles they can endure.


Now, with all that said, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to finish up the couple of video ideas I had for Bless.  I’m certainly going do the couple of videos I want to do about the game. After that though, I’m going to keep one eye on the game, but it will not be my daily focus.  

I will be getting back to this game this week now that the hot tub is settled in. If nothing else I want to hang out do some Botany and watch a movie.


Live-stream on 4 June


Ok, so I didn’t get the Ashes video for June up before I left for vacation.  For this I apologize. I had a comedy of errors go on around my house that week, plus last minute planning for the trip took up a lot of time.


The new video is up, and you can see it on the YouTube or on the Paradox Homepage.


News is going to be a little slow for Ashes as they are finishing up their next milestone.  We aren’t sure what this one is, however, my money is on something related to getting ready for server stability and Alpha 1.  Now, I have nothing to back that up, that’s just where I think they would have their efforts focused if they were having a milestone they had to hit.


If you are interested in Ashes of Creation, I’m going to shamelessly ask that you register for the game using my referral link (  


The reason why is that I will get 15% of all your purchases back, which will give me a bigger pool of money to do giveaways with.   This is quite literally the simplest way to support Paradox. Costs you nothing above and beyond what you pay to the game (sub fee, cash shop purchases, etc) anyway.      


Since I didn’t do a video this week, I want to keep the transparency open, the Paradox Gaming Network is up to 105 referrals for Ashes with $204.75 in the kitty, with a couple of outstanding tickets to get cleared up.   So thank you to everyone for all the support.



The MMO doing everything right


Fractured the upcoming game by Dynamite Studios seems to be doing everything right.   They are a indie studio who appeared last June with the idea of a game in mind. They have done significant development and shown some major accomplishments before going into kickstarter and they are continuously engaged with their community.   


I think the way they are doing their recruitment/referral process is the best of any game currently in development which is really saying something.


I have a video for Fractured coming out this week.  Yes, it really is coming out this week since I already have it filmed, produced, and uploaded to YouTube.  You will be seeing that tomorrow.


For the time being if you haven't checked out Fractured, I again shamelessly invite you to do so via my referral link:


Camelot Unchained Beta


Given the state of Bless, I’m going to take a detour into Camelot Unchained to see how it is.   So if you have had your eye on CU and didn’t want to invest the money just let me invest the money and I’ll get some reviews of the game done for you.




 Gaming Network News


The June Giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Card or an Apex is up and running on Google Forms at:


I also have a nice stack of cash now for doing more giveaways.  I was going to do some giveaway copies of Bless, but given the state of the game I’m going to hold off on that for the time being.


What I will do is give away more $10 gift cards throughout the year.  Sometimes on Twitch, sometimes on videos. So stay actively engaged with us and you may just end up getting something back.  


Speaking of being engaged, I need some help with moving Paradox to the next milestones.  I want to get involved with more companies doing more content creator work, but you need a minimum base of somewhere near 5,000 YouTube subscribers or Twitch followers.  So I need a little grassroots help. If you see something on YouTube you like, then please share it with friends. When you know I’m going to be streaming, drag some people along.  Our first goal is to develop a following of 50,000 loyal video game players...then we take the Presidency.


Panic and Chaos


YouTube and video creator is such a fickle thing.  This month, given the 10 days I was gone and the lack of any major contributions, and my views are way down.  Normally I’d be worried about this, but with my recent digging into motivation I remember that life is a marathon.  It is really funny though to see my June 2018 be so far below my June 2017.


Right now it just seems hard to put out content and to grow on YouTube since the MMO industry is in such shambles.  Once I get a game I can latch onto again and do a real 101 series in, I”ll be fine.




Not having great programming


I just want to say how much fun it is doing shows without an agenda, a lesson plan, a presentation timeline for the show.  Kicking back, hanging out, talking about games was really fun this week. I learned about a couple of games I might not have known about without my show, and then I even picked up some other games due to researching those first tier games.   


So yeah, the Twitch show is a success.  I don’t care if my numbers aren’t huge, I don’t care if I’m not rolling around in thousands of dollars in bits and subs each night, I’m having fun and that’s the point.


Join us Wednesdays at 2100 EDT and Fridays at 1300 EDT.



As always, huge thanks to my sponsors at Patreon.   Between them and that really good run of Twitch Prime Subscriptions and Bit donations, Paradox actually has some money in the bank.


Even if you don’t financially support Paradox via the Patreon site it still a good read through to see what the mentality behind this project is.  My goal for July is to get the Patron site, and the videos updated.


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