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May 27, 2018

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Here we are, less than a day way from Head Start of Bless.  I’m actually looking forward to getting started tomorrow. With that, let us jump right into it.



Highly Anticipated...Now they have to deliver


It seems like people either love Bless or they hate it.  This has truly been one of the most polarizing games I’ve seen.  


There are people who are saying the game is destined to fail because its a 7 year old game with only 9 dungeons, it’s on Unreal Engine 3 so its already dated, and that it has failed in 3 other regions.  I’m going to lump in the pay-to-win argument in here, and yes as an honest assessment Bless does have some serious issues it will have to overcome in order to be successful in the Western Market.


There are also people who are white-knighting this game to what I’m going to call a toxic level.  Honestly, if you guys love this game so much then why are you killing it yourselves? You can support a game and promote its good features without getting toxic towards the people who are on the other side of the fence, or even worse, on the fence about joining.  I’ve seen a ton of people decide to walk away from Bless over the way they were treated in the Bless discord. That’s not exactly building a stellar community.


Either way, I’ll be streaming Bless head start this week starting on Monday.  I do have some stuff to run around and do on Tuesday (getting a new deck installed is going to be a time consuming challenge).



Back to my old stomping grounds


So after my Twitch show a week ago I decided to go back to Final Fantasy for a while.   The game has radically changed, there is a ton more stuff involved with it. My level 50 alt is totally lost and I decided to re-roll a new character which is already level 44 or something and that’s leveling slow considering I’ve been doing a lot more other stuff.


I realize one of the reasons I left the game the last time was because of the combat speed.  I haven’t played the game in 4 years and I instantly remember the slowness of the GCD.


Does that make it a bad game?  No, absolutely not. Even though I dropped the money on a monthly sub and the expansion packs, I’ve just about gotten just about $1 per hour of value from my play time.  If Bless doesn’t work out I’ll be back in Final Fantasy XIV, or I’ll be quitting MMOs until Ashes Alpha-1 comes out. I’ll just have to adjust to the slightly slower combat speed that comes with Final Fantasy.   





Live-stream on 4 June


The only Ashes of Creation news is that their next livestream is on 4 June, which hopefully will be filled to the brim with the news you guys want to hear.  

Once the store is updated and the livestream has passed, I will do my monthly video.  My intention is to get that one ready and out the door as the last thing I do before I depart for my Disney vacation.   


My most recent video on Ashes is this one: which was a highlight of the May store items and then highlights from the May Stream if you missed that.   

My FAQ on Ashes is at :


If you are interested in Ashes of Creation, I’m going to shamelessly ask that you register for the game using my referral link (  


The reason why is that I will get 15% of all your purchases back, which will give me a bigger pool of money to do giveaways with.   This is quite literally the simplest way to support Paradox. Costs you nothing above and beyond what you pay to the game (sub fee, cash shop purchases, etc) anyway.      


Since I didn’t do a video this week, I want to keep the transparency open, the Paradox Gaming Network is up to 105 referrals for Ashes with $204.75 in the kitty, with a couple of outstanding tickets to get cleared up.   So thank you to everyone for all the support.



 Gaming Network News


I’m also happy to report that the May Sweepstakes is up and it is running. It ends this week so make sure to enter today at 

Bless and Angry People


As I talked about in the Bless section, a lot of “Bless Fans” are angry angry people.  It’s like you say anything about the game that isn’t 100% positive and they jump all over you with arguments without any real merit.  I mean if you want to counter an argument your argument can’t be “No it isn’t.” You have to provide some sort of basis for your position.  This is why several comments have been deleted from my YouTube. If you aren’t going to actually bring a credible comment to the comments section, it's going to be deleted.  Facts, figures, citations, all good. Well formulated opinions and views, also good. Making fun of the other guy, not acceptable.




Talk Show vs Game Showcase?


Thank you again for the constant support we get on the Twitch Show.  Another good week this week with some really good discussions. Starting to get a feel for doing a “Talk Show” instead of a game showcase show.  Maybe when I get back from Disney I’ll start doing a regular just talk show about life, the universe, and everything and not make it all game related.  



Join us Wednesdays at 2100 EDT and Fridays at 1300 EDT.


Big thanks to these guys as they are responsible for me being able to give away a couple of copies of Bless this week.   


I’ll be giving away one on Monday during the preview show, but that one will not be awarded until Wednesday when the game itself goes on sale.


I’ll also be giving one away on Wednesday night during my usual time slot.


Sadly, I was going to do one via YouTube however I don’t think that one would get circulated enough in a short amount of time to make it fair to people.  I mean quite literally I’m giving away two awards of $10 via the current YouTube giveaway and in 27 days we’ve gotten 18 entries.


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