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May 6, 2018

This week from the

Paradox Gaming Network


Very productive week this week for Paradox along with fairly successful in our metrics, which for a guy without a primary game to play I’d say that’s doing pretty good.  This week is going to be a nailbiter as I wait for the 9th of May to find out about that Emissary application. While I’m waiting on that, I’m going to hopefully finish up Battletech.      



Everyone seems to have a piece of this game


I am totally amazed at the number of BattleTech reviews I’ve seen this week. I figured last week would have been the BattleTech Hype train and then this week we wouldn't hear anything about it. I was wrong. I’ve been seeing one review after another about Battletech and they are all mostly positive.Although I do adore you my wonderful side little game, this is the last week you will grace the pages of my blog. Starting next week you will be just a distant love affair.


NeoWiz continues to impress


So NeoWiz did two things this week that really impressed me.  First and foremost they released combat videos on Monday after the player base (or what will soon become the player base) wasn’t happy with the limited information they got the Friday before.   


Either this was a direct response to the outcry for more, or it was a well played ploy to give them an extra weekend to put together things and still maintain hits in the media cycle.   No matter what it was it was smart, because they followed up after the weekend with real videos. On top of that when the player base cried out for Paladin healer footage, which was missing from Monday’s video, they got it to the playerbase before the weekend.  This is very smart in that its making it appear as if they are listening and are highly responsive. They are playing all their cards really well despite having a game that people have already doomed to failure.


I cooked up a little something for Bless Online which you can see on my YouTube or on my homepage.  





Intrepid and Daybreak?   Its a recipe but for success or failure?


Quite a bit of Ashes news this week.  First and foremost the store stuff is up, and a lot of looks great.  Even bigger news is the 4 May Livestream Highlights.


Now I could go into a lot of details about this, but I’m going to admit.  I’m tired. I’m tired because I was up late doing a video on all of this, splicing in the footage.   I’m starting to like the spliced in footage route for Ashes stuff so I can talk and then they can talk and so on.


Check out the Ashes video for all your updated Ashes news.   Also, I’m trying to stay current on my Ashes FAQ, but time is always against me.  The good news is I did dust it off today, I put some stuff into it from my last few videos and I will have lots of time on Sunday so I can guarantee not only the hour I’m supposed to spend on it, but a lot of extra hours as well.   


If you are interested in Ashes of Creation, I’m going to shamelessly ask that you register for the game using my referral link (https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ref/Jahlon/)  


The reason why is that I will get 15% of all your purchases back, which will give me a bigger pool of money to do giveaways with.   This is quite literally the simplest way to support Paradox. Costs you nothing above and beyond what you pay to the game (sub fee, cash shop purchases, etc) anyway.      


 Gaming Network News


Ok, with everything back to normal in my Streaming software I’ve had time to work on a lot of things.  Thanks to Kalei I have some Paradox Gaming Network T-Shirt ideas so that’s going to be another Sunday project.  Hopefully I can get just good enough with the artwork to get at least one T-shirt template up so people can at least start giving feedback.0

I’m also happy to report that the May Sweepstakes is up and it is running.  You can enter that here: https://goo.gl/forms/TAEdMdlES3LPzvaE3 


No more metric chasing


It feels really good to be in a position where I don’t feel like I need to chase the metrics anymore to ensure I get to where I wanted to be this year.  I’m very thankful to everyone who gives me feedback on the YouTube channel and that has allowed us to get to 62% complete on views and watch time and 51% on new subscribers at this point in the year.  On 31 May 42% of the year will have gone by, so we are already running 9% and 20% ahead of schedule on reaching milestones that most people told me were crazy high for a second year YouTuber.


Last year the channel did 66,000 views and 490,000 minutes of watch time.  This year so far we have already done 130,000 views and 942,000 minutes of watch time, so the channel is absolutely killing it.


So, I’m going to honor my commitment to a Sweepstakes on hitting 2,390 subscribers because with 26 days to go I’m 100% certain we will pick up 86 viewers.  After that the next giveaway won’t be until we hit the yearly goals. That means after 2,390 we need to hit 3,512 for the next contest. I’m not sure what I’m going to give away when we hit that goal, but it will have to be something nice.     




Two steps forward; one step back...and that's ok


So yeah, I’m learning a lot of things about streaming, especially the nature of followers.   I am totally excited that I get people who show up every week just to hang out. Sure, it is a little sad that every week I lose some followers but you know, that’s to be expected without a game to highlight.  Once Bless Online is ready to go, I’m sure I’m going to pick up enough new followers to hit that 1,300 Follower Goal that SocialBlade predicted. If we hit there will be two giveaways one for each regularly schedule show.   





I owe an apology to my Patrons, I totally derped this week on loading videos to Patreon as I loaded them to YouTube.  I actually need to reprint my order of operation sheet and repost it to the wall. I took it down when I left Archeage’s Content Creator program and now I need to put it back up to cover the steps for Bless.  Either way I will endeavor to ensure I get the videos on Patreon as I release them on youTube.

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