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April 29, 2018

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Another great week for me.  I had lots of time to rearrange the office and with the second desk I can actually sit and write and read on one desk and game on the other.  I also spent more time learning stuff about streaming, taxes and business. Plus I won’t even lie, I gamed a lot in Battletech.



I hate you, I love you, I hate that I love you


So, last week I introduced you to my best friend that is Battletech.   During my stream last Wednesday I showcased this gem, and let me tell you it is worth absolutely every penny that you will pay for this bad boy.  The game came out five days ago and I already have 43 hours into the game, which is actually rather impressive, but only possible because I don’t currently have an MMO that I’m invested in.  


If you are a fan of the Battletech series this game is for you.   They have done an excellent job of keeping true to the foundation of Battletech and the cannon.  If you are a fan of turn-based combat games, you will probably enjoy this one as well. In fact, this game is so good it will get its rightful place in a Paradoxical Impressions review later this week.


If information is the rain then we are in a desert 


Bless Online is due to come out “Soon”™


Other than that, we are getting very limited information from the Bless Online team through Steam.  This week we did get a Animated Class Poster Teaser, but I’ve already covered the classes in their basic overview form in a video so I wasn’t going to go to same well twice.


I can tell you that we are getting the Emissary announcement on 9 May and the Press Conference on 11 May, but that is still nearly two weeks away.  


‘I would expect to see some information drop this week about the NA version of the game, nothing major, just a little bit of a teaser.  We’ll then see the floodgates open after that 11 May Press Conference.


Intrepid and Daybreak?   Its a recipe but for success or failure?


So last week I talked about how I had just gotten into the Ashes of Creation Content Creators program; and now this week may be the first test of how much freedom a creator has in that program.


So, as you no doubt heard, there is some rumor and speculation that Intrepid Studios is moving to acquire Daybreak Game or some portion of Daybreak Games (  


Personally, while people can say there are a lot of great reasons for this, I’m going to say this is like walking into a minefield blindfolded.  What journalism tells us is that because Sharif said


“Even if we were in talks with Daybreak for an acquisition, we would not be able to comment”


This lets us know that Intrepid and Daybreak are in talks about “something” because if they weren’t involved in any talks the comment from Intrepid would have clearly said that.


Now, am I worried about this situation?  Yes, yes in fact I am. While there is plenty of good that can come from this situation, there is also plenty of bad.  In fact, I think there is actually more short term bad than good.


If Intrepid can pick up some intellectual property for specific functions from items from the Daybreak library that are no longer in active use, this would certainly save Intrepid time, effort, resources and energy.  They would be able to take things that are tried, tested and proven and incorporate them into their product.


The downside to this play, well I’m not going to go into the downside of this play until I see more details about what this play actually looks like.  I don’t want to fuel the fires of speculation. I trust in Steven’s business savvy to explore all the options and then make the right play.


If you are interested in Ashes of Creation, I’m going to shamelessly ask that you register for the game using my referral link (  


The reason why is that I will get 15% of all your purchases back, which will give me a bigger pool of money to do giveaways with.   This is quite literally the simplest way to support Paradox. Costs you nothing above and beyond what you pay to the game (sub fee, cash shop purchases, etc) anyway.      


 Gaming Network News


So this week I discovered that I don’t like Streamlabs OBS.  I much prefer to build in OBS directly and use streamlab elements pulled in.  I also discovered that Stream Elements is a great thing for streamers, but it doesn't work for me and my on the fly method of production.   I’m not saying these aren’t great programs or options, in fact in my new series on getting start with streaming I’m going to cover them, but like anything else you need the right tool for the job and for me these aren’t the right tools.  


I’m also getting started with some merchandising stuff, just mainly for fun and the practice of working with images specifically on T-shirts and stuff. Right now I'm struggling with T-shirt designs, but I have killer coffee mug designs. Check these out:




Hopefully a T-shirt design comes to me, I’d love to have some of those to do as giveaways.  If you have an idea for a cool T-shirt using the Paradox Logos and stuff let me know.   I'd love to work with someone on the design, and then I'll buy you a T-shirt out of the store as a thank you for your design work.    


Speaking of giveaways, yes I am a man of my word and I am on the hook for at least 1, probably 2 Apex this month, but I’m also going to offer alternative prizes.   The two prizes I’m thinking of right now is 1) a $10 Amazon Gift Card 2) the Monthly Bundle from Humble Bundle. I’m not sure of all the legalities of those two options at this time, but I want you guys to know I am thinking about it, and I'm also always interested in additional opinions.    


 We Crushed April; Nearly Hit May’s goals


I can hardly believe this, but we have rolled over 200 uploads.  I’m actually pretty amazed that I’ve done over 200 videos since I started.  Now, so you know if you go looking for all of them not all of them are listed videos.  Some are unlisted (videos that had horrible mistakes) or are videos that are used somewhere else (Patreon for example), but yeah 202 uploads.   


We also totally destroyed every conceivable goal for April.  In fact April was such a huge month it represents roughly 30% of the views I thought I’d do in all of 2018.  This is great because it means we will end up way better off for the year than I thought, especially because as my community has said on several occasions I came in on the back end of Archeage and built a community in a dying game.  


Going into Bless should be interesting as it's going to be fresh, clean, neat, and more it's going to be a new experience for everyone given the NA remodel.  I have no doubt we’ll hit the Social Blade marks that I previously pulled for May, which by the time we get to May we’ll already have the views. Right now we’d only have to have 161 new YouTube subscribers in May to get us to the 2,390 goal (which will trigger off another giveaway).  



Missed our 1,000 mark, but still crushed it


So yeah, I set a goal of 1,000 Twitch followers in April.  Now, had I not left Archeage I think we would have hit 1,000 followers easily, after all after quitting Archeage I took a week off.  Still, we ended the month at 969 followers, which is down from our high for the month but I knew this would happen. Leaving one game and going to another is always rough for a Content Creator.   Again, not worried about it, I do this for fun, but I like numbers and I'm sure we will see 1,000 when Bless comes out.  



Just waiting on the first of May and the payment cycle.  If we meet that Patreon goal, I’ll do that give away as previously talked about in the last few blogs.

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