Goodbye to Archeage 101; Hello to Bless in May

April 15, 2018

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Well after a week of having to say I’m sorry to a number of people about a failed launch of a game that I have no control over, by a company that I am not even employed at, I have finally packed up and said goodbye to Archeage.    


Let’s get into that right now.   




So, I’ve played Archeage since Alpha four years ago.  I’ve enjoyed my time, even during the bad times the game was still enjoyable.


The problem is now the staff has reached a level of incompetence that has become unacceptable for me to continue supporting the game via content creation or even by playing the game.  Playing the game constitutes some level of support and I cannot in good conscience support a game that has staff members that trash talk customers behind their backs, openly admit hacks exist and then do nothing to fix them, clearly have no interest in getting proper testing done on their PTS, and then chicken out and don’t stream a week after launch of a new server and expansion pack.  


That being said, I posted both of my final AA 101 streams on YouTube so people could see how things went down.   Wednesdays stream was supposed to just be a short 2 hour stream to present some facts, give away some stuff, and close up shop.  Then Muzzy and Big Data Dude came into my stream to try to put spin on what I was saying, which resulted in BDD leaving after putting a sad face in chat after I questioned his integrity.   


The Friday show went a lot smoother.  A lot more material was presented because I anticipated a Trion arrival and nobody showed up.  If you are going to skim through one of them I recommend the Friday one because 1) its shorter and 2) it is cram packed with more goodness.


The really sad part about this is I was a fan of several Trion Games and I was looking forward to the new Defiance.   I guess that leaves me with plenty of time to do other things now.




Now, one of the drawbacks to doing the videos I’ve done about Trion this week, is that It may make The Bless Team leery of inviting a guy of my particular template to their Content Creation or Emissary team.  I like to do a lot of digging, I am the guy who wants to go in back and see how the sausage is made, so my viewers don’t have to.


So, with that said, no I have not heard anything about my Content Creator or my Emissary applications to Bless.


What I will share is their major announcement link this week regarding all the Key Changes for the Bless Steam Release (   This is the stuff I’ll be digging into now that I have more time and you will be getting more results from me than just links.





I will openly admit I owe you guys Ashes Content.  I’m a little behind and I admit that, but I have to close up one project before I get back to the others.   

Never confuse movement with progress.  You can have a lot of side to side movement, but that doesn’t mean you are getting anywhere.


My major focus with Ashes and Intrepid over the past few months was the fact that it doesn’t seem like all the referrals are sticking, and it doesn’t seem like I’m getting paid for all my referrals.  I know for a fact that there have been no less than 2 situations where “something” has gone wrong. The first was someone who thought they used my referral link purchased a $500 package (which should have resulted in a $75 kickback to me) and then we later came to find out that they weren’t actually one of my referrals.  Pretty poor system in place if you can’t see who is actually one of your referrals. The second was when a second purchase from someone who should be one of my referrals didn’t give me credit either.


Couple with that that is the fact that there have been two time periods of “gaps” in the recording of visits and referrals.  From March 28 2018 at 1639 through April 11 2018 1028 I had zero visits via my referral link. Now, is this possible? Sure, it's totally possible that for a period of 15 days I had nobody go to the Ashes site via my link, but since April 11 I’ve had 18 and I’ve not even really been promoting it.


I know this is on Steven’s list of things to get resolved as he and I have had several conversations about it.  Now that he has a lull in the season with GDC and PAX East being over, I’m sure we’ll see the remedies for this situation put into place.      


If you are interested in Ashes of Creation, I’m going to shamelessly ask that you register for the game using my referral link (  


The reason why is that I will get 15% of all your purchases back, which will give me a bigger pool of money to do giveaways with.   This is quite literally the simplest way to support Paradox. Costs you nothing above and beyond what you pay to the game (sub fee, cash shop purchases, etc) anyway.      


Ok guys, I’m looking for some suggestions on how to give away income money to Archeage players now that I won’t be logging into Archeage players.  However, I also have to cover my assets and make sure that I’m legal when I do it. The only two ways I can think of to give away the rest of the money that I said I would give away via Apex would be either:


1) a PayPal transaction (but I acknowledge some people don’t want to be known)


2) a prepaid gift card (but I acknowledge some people don’t want their addresses to be known).   


If anyone has any other or better suggestions, please share them with me via one of the many ways to get in touch with me.   



Everything right on pace.  


I will be coming back to my roots the week of 22 April with some sort of video on something.  Maybe a Paradoxical Impressions on some game review, maybe some early Bless info, probably an Ashes of Creation video.   

I will say I’m totally impressed and excited about the 2,109 YouTube followers we’ve hit this week.  Totally crushing all goals and expectations even if I’m between games right now. We are less than 33% done with 2018 and we’ve already done 150% of all the views and watch time we did in 2017.  Better yet, we are at 46-48% of this years massive goal of 210,000 views and 1,500,000 minutes of watch time in 2018. People said those goals were crazy, but it turns out they were spot on. I think we’ll hit them even with this little lull we are going to have.


Just goes to show the content I was creating was good content for Archeage.    



The Tragedy of our Tale


If I had to pick the saddest part of our tale when it comes to leaving Archeage, it would be the fact that this week we as a community hit the requirement for the Paradox Gaming Network Twitch to apply for Partner.  That doesn’t mean we would have made it, but we have hit some huge numbers in the last 30 days.


In the last 30 days we have averaged 89 viewers over 79 hours and 24 minutes of programming.  We’ve had an average of 145 chatters picking up 552 followers and the stream was viewed 8,922 times.  These are amazing statistics for a small channel. For this success I owe you all a giant thank you to all of you.


Now that I have a chance to sit down and do some planning, when we come back (and we will be back) we are going to hit these same numbers and more, and then we will be ready for that Twitch Partnership.   


I’m still going to hangout on Wednesday Nights and Friday afternoons (same times as my other shows) but these will just straight chill sessions under the IRL tag where we talk about anything and everything.  Going to take this week off and come back strong the week of 22 April.  



So, honor dictates that if the pay cycle hits and there are 5 paying supports that I give away an Apex.  I’m again, not sure how I’m going to do this, but I am going to do it. Stay tuned while I figure that out.   


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