Paradox has grown too big too fast; AA falls flat on its face for fresh start

April 8, 2018

This week from the

Paradox Gaming Network


This was a rough week here at Paradox.  The schedule wasn’t rough, I actually enjoyed being really busy.  I was having a blast doing long streams, fitting in videos and then trying to have a real life as we rolled into the launch of Archeage 4.5 and Fresh Start.  None of that was the rough part, the rough part was having Archeage fall flat on its face and then standing there horrified because I’ve been hyping a game that literally just failed.  


Let’s talk about that more.   



So everyone knows I’m an a huge Archeage fan.  I mean come on, I’m the guy who makes Archeage 101 videos to help other people enjoy the game.  I used to be the White Knight of the Archeage forums trying to help take some of the body shots aimed at the company.  I love this game.


Well, I loved this game.


It seems like you can talk to Trion, you can try to persuade Trion, you can reach out to Trion, you can try as hard as you want, but nothing is going to change how Trion does thing.  Once again another Fresh Start server has launched, and this time within 48 hours this one was a fail. I could go into more details about why, but I don’t want to channel any more of that negative energy tonight, so check out the video I did on the topic on YouTube or on my webpage.   


The only benefit to this situation is that its increasing my social media presence.  This week I sent a message out to Archeage on Twitter asking for them to change their mind about the pay to win in the cash shop, and they actually responded.  Unfortunately, they did the usual talk down to me like they are my parent so I was left with no choice but to respond and no answer came from them regarding my response.   If you want to check out my response you can see it in my blog on the Paradox Webpage.


So where does that leave me and Trion?  I’m not sure. I have submitted a request for a full refund for my Fresh Start account.  I probably won’t get it, or I’ll get part of it, or whatever, but even if I get none of it, I don’t really care.  I will probably stop trying to work directly with Trion, because the definition is doing the same thing over and over and over expecting different results.  


Will I still make Archeage 101 content?  Of course, until I get too busy with making content for other games.




Speaking of other games, I haven’t heard anything from either of my Bless applications, which is starting to make me worried that either I didn’t get in, or the same problem I had with my email address with Intrepid I’m having with them as well.  I will wait patiently and now that the rush hype is slowed down I can start digging into Bless a little more since I committed to it last year which means I’m going.




Another game worth mentioning is Ashes of Creation.  They were at Pax this week, but of course I was tied up with other projects.  I know there is a little news from Pax, so I will gather it all up and put it together in a video along with the monthly cash shop promo.


The only reason why I’m willing to do another cash shop promo is that Steven Sharif the owner of Intrepid has impressed me again.  I made a comment about feeling like a scolded child after the last time I tried to work with customer support on an issue with their referral system so I didn’t bother reporting to them that it didn’t look like their referral system was picking up visits and or referrals again (because to have no visits via my links since 28 March just seems odd) and even though he’s swamped at PAX he poked into the discord chat, apologized on behalf of his customer service (which is such a rarity these days) and said he would look into it Monday Morning.  Honestly, it is so refreshing to deal with a company that actually seems to care about its customers.   


If you are interested in Ashes of Creation, I’m going to shamelessly ask that you register for the game using my referral link (  




Ok, the big news for the Paradox Gaming Network is that I’m actually making enough money that I have to be serious about this now.  Making money should be a cause for celebration, however its actually become the source of a lot of stress.


When I first started this thing, I thought I was only going to make a little bit of side money on occasion, just enough to give away an Apex here and there. Now all of a sudden I have a bunch of sponsors on Patreon, I have people giving me tips, I have serious ad revenue from YouTube, so now that means I have to deal with the lawyers and the taxmen.  The biggest problem with being a streamer is that I have found out that I will have to pay the 15.3% FICA tax on my income. I know that seems unreal but yes, I have to pay self-employment tax on all the money I make, it’s actually pretty crazy.  This thing has grown faster than I can handle.   


The other thing is that now its not fun for me anymore.  I love having a channel full of people, I love helping people and answering questions, but what I don't love is having to spend a couple of hours every day reading up on the Tax laws and stuff.  Plus, I can't afford to let this income affect my real life, which its going to.


To give you the example, right now I'm actually $220 out of pocket for all the promotional material (that's the Apex) I've given away.  The reason is because Google, Twitch, and Patreon haven't paid me yet.  Google and Twitch each pay out after you have reached a certain threshold in a month, and for Twitch its actually 60 days after the end of the month in which your occurred revenue reaches $100.  That means I won't see any of the income from Twitch until at least the first week in July.   That becomes problematic because of how I've been doing the giveaways.  It also becomes problematic because a couple of people have done subscriptions and then done charge-backs, which means instead of going 50/50 for the Apex on the 2 subs giveaway Its actually 75/25 or even 100/0.  This is actually one of those examples where yes, I spent the same money twice and we all know it doesn't like that.


So for right now I will give away the Apex for the 1,431 subscribers on YouTube as promised.  I will give away the Apex for reaching 5 Patrons on Patreon as promised, but beyond that I have to put a hard stop on all other Apex giveaway until I figure out a) how to do the giveaways properly and b) if I want to keep doing this down the business road or if I want to find the road that takes this back to being fun.
















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