4.5 and Fresh Start in Archeage

March 31, 2018

This week from the

Paradox Gaming Network


Thank you guys so much.  The first quarter of 2018 is in the bag, and we totally exploded across all social platforms this month.        


Plus, we have new life signs in Archeage.   I’ve been streaming and video making for Archeage in anticipation for their fresh start and wow do we have tons of excited people.  I think MMOing will be on an uptick for the next few months.


Let us get started.        












So, everyone knows that as a social media presence I will use both the carrot and the stick.  When a company does something boneheaded I waste no time using the stick, but when a company does something great I will fill up their goodie basket with the carrots.


Most of the time when dealing with Trion, XL and Archeage it's all stick no carrot, but this time I have to deliver bushels of carrots.  Quill told me we would have the 4.5 build on the PTS for 7 days, and true to his word we had it. We also got the FS PTS build on Friday, so that was still plenty of time to get things done.  


I’m not going to talk too much about the 4.5 Patch other than I think it's going to radically change the face of the game on both Legacy and Fresh Start Servers.


I’ve put out videos on Bards and Healers this week, as well has having streamed 28.5 hours of content.  The Bards and Healers videos are on YouTube and you can catch a lot of the Twitch Videos posted to YouTube or on my Twitch channel.   


If you have lots of Archeage questions, I highly suggest joining my Archeage 101 discord to get the help you need.   You can do that from the front page of my website.







Everyone that has been asking me about Bless, I did do the Bless video and that is out on YouTube, and I have applied to their Creator Program and their Emissary Program.  When news comes from that or when I get news on the Early Access packs, you’ll see that here.








Nothing to report on Ashes of Creation this week.  I am expecting a major media reveal this week. I do have a full page up on my website for Ashes of Creation, so if you are looking for more information make sure to check out that.


If you are interested in Ashes of Creation, I’m going to shamelessly ask that you register for the game using my referral link (https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ref/Jahlon/)  


The reason why is that I will get 15% of all your purchases back, which will give me a bigger pool of money to do giveaways with.   This is quite literally the simplest way to support Paradox. Costs you nothing above and beyond what you pay to the game (sub fee, cash shop purchases, etc) anyway.      












So, I have so much to do with Paradox Gaming Network stuff right now, and I have like zero time because I’m looking at my calendar and it's AA, Bless, then 10 days off the grid for a family faction, then Camelot Unchained, probably something to do with Ashes, Pantheon or any of the other six or more games coming.   


Then I need to figure out how to properly set up Discord to auto accept feeds from Twitter and Twitch.  Luckily I have some tech savvy members in the Network, so some of that may already be taken care of.


As far as Apex giveaways, I don’t want to slow down on giving away Apex so I’m not going to slow down on giving away Apex.   What I am going to have to do though is set bigger goals. I gave away about 75% of the money I had in reserve this month as 18 total Apex were given away.  I have a little bit of money left in the Paradox account, but that is set aside for a few Apex giveaways that have already been publicly stated (YouTube and Patreon).


So how do we get more money to give away more Apex?   We keep growing the network. Let’s talk about that now.  








Shattering all goals and expectations


So earlier this year I set the goal of 210K Views, 1.5M Minutes of Watch Time, and 2,500 New Subs.  When I first told people this, they told me I was crazy that theses numbers were too high. When I first compared it to Social Blade, it was much higher than what was projected for my YouTube channels growth.


Well after the first Quarter of 2018, I can tell you that we as a community have hit all 3 goals.  With 25% of the year done we have hit 27.9% of the Views I wanted for the Year, we have hit 27.6% of the Watch Time and we even squeezed out 25.5% of the new subscribers for the year.  This is in part to a absolutely huge March. We exploded in March and did more than 40% of the business we did in all of 2017. That’s amazing.


So the good news is there is an Apex Raffle coming on YouTube.  I will get that video raffle done so that people can start entering.   I just need to wait until April 2nd so I have the final March Numbers (YouTube lags behind about 48 hours on final statistics).   Once that is done I will be raffling off an Apex through a YouTube giveaway, and the good news is that Apex can go to someone on a Fresh Start Server if that is where they want it..     


So Social Blade says that I should be able to be at 2,390 YouTube subscribers by 31 May, that means logically speaking we should be able to pick up 343 people in the month of April.  If the YouTube channel has 2,046 subscribers by the April 30 at midnight EST, I will give away an Apex. If the channel has 2,390 subscribers by 31 May at midnight EST that will also be an Apex.   I will not shift the May goal (even though Social Blade May). Big goals guys, but I think we can do it.


So what if we don’t hit that number?  Well don’t worry, I have my own personal number on a spreadsheet that if we hit that number I’ll still giveaway goodies.  


Don't’ be scared about 343, we just did 408 in March.  So phone a friend, show them the site, make them click, tell them they can learn about Archeage, Bless, Ashes, or whatever game I find myself stumbling into.








2 Scheduled Shows per week...and whenever I’m around


Ok guys, I have no idea why this show is taking off so much, but we more than doubled our followers in March.  I’m going to tell you guys that I absolutely love hanging out with you on Twitch, so much so that during the month of March I did 65 hours of streaming.  

That poor furby has danced his fat little butt off this month picking up 333 new followers.   Plus, a huge thank you to all my subscribers and tippers this month. We have 28 current Subscriptions to the Paradox Gaming Network Twitch Channel, and a big thank you to all of them.      


A few things have changed with the show, so let me get those down on paper:


First I will be doing two shows per week now.   I will be doing an Archeage 101 Night School on Wednesdays.  I’m going to aim for 1900 EDT/1600 PDT for a start time and then roll through till 0000 EDT/2100 PDT.  Hopefully this provides access to the NA player base. I will still be doing the Friday show in the early afternoon 1300 EDT/1000 PDT/1800 GMT to try to catch the EU Crowd as well as the NA Shift workers.  


Second, as stated before all subs Apex giveaways will be one week delayed.  This is due to the fact that you can actually cancel a Twitch Sub so it pops up as a subscription but then gets cancelled.  


As far as goals, Social Blade says we can have 892 followers by 30 April, however, I think given the explosive growth we’ve had this month that we can do way more than that.  I think 1,000 followers isn’t too high of a bar to set for the month. This would be 379 new followers and I think with Archeage Legacy and Fresh start, I think we can hit that.   


As far as the concurrent viewers thing:


For the Wednesday show, the Wednesday show last week hit 180 max viewers, so that would normally mean that it would need to hit 200 to trigger off an Apex raffle, however, since these Apex are available for Fresh Start, and this is going to be on the eve of 4.5 and Fresh Start, I’m setting the bar at 250 simultaneous viewers for an Apex.  Huge goal I know, but timed with the marketing, I think it's the appropriate goal. If we don’t hit that next week, the goal will come down for the following week.


For the Friday Show, we set the bar really high since we were coming off 180 on the Wednesday show, and that was a mistake on my part.  I can’t try to outdo the Prime time show in the day time hour. If it was any other week, I would have backed the bar down to 150 for the Friday show, however, again given the special circumstances of what week this week is, I’m going to keep the 200 goal for the Apex.  If we don’t meet that goal in the middle of Fresh Start and 4.5 then I will of course back it back down for the following week.









60% to a Apex … still looking for 2 Patrons


Big thank you to Carey who is the most recent supporter of Paradox through Patreon. That brings my current Patron count to three, and when we get to five I will cough up another Apex via a raffle.  The sponsor level can be any level, including the $1 per month supporter level.


Check us out here: https://www.patreon.com/paradox_gaming_network




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