The Push to AA 4.5/FS, Bless in the Future, Ashes somewhere down the road

March 25, 2018

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Paradox Gaming Network


I stand in awe of the power of social movements.  This week was unbelievable for the Paradox Gaming Network.  We also got news about Archeage Fresh Start and 4.5, not the news we wanted, but it was news.  Let’s jump right into it.











So first and foremost we are 12 days out from the launch of the biggest Archeage patch ever and the third iteration of Fresh Start servers and we don’t have patch notes.  Now, Trion does have the patch notes, 25,000 words worth of patch notes with 10,000 of them being the skill changes, but that doesn’t do us any good. By the time we get them


What we did get this week was all the information about raising a Dragon, which is really cool don’t get me wrong, except it's only going to be for the elite 1%.


When they started talking about the entire mechanic of the thing and they said “First you need a red dragon kill,” I basically tuned out the rest of the livestream.   Why are you telling the masses about something they will probably never to get experience? I mean yeah, I get it, the community can help someone raise a dragon, but I’m not sure most people are going to bother with the helping part because I really don’t want to help someone raise a weapon that could be used to kill me.


My major concern is that Trion seems to have taken a back seat to enforcing fair play.  There are people blatantly cheating in arenas, which is a violation of their “Exploits and you: A community guide to what goes, and what doesn’t” rule set.  Damn shame this hasn’t been updated since 10/12/16, you know a couple of years between exploit announcements is no big deal right? We also know for a fact that infamous cheat and hack programs have been updated to work with the 4.5 build.  Now, I’m not going to even mention their names, but they by name were delivered to Trion, now it's up to them to make sure they aggressively enforce the rules.


Personally, I would love for Trion to come out with a Permaban rule against cheaters.  You cheat, we delete your character, we raze your houses to the ground, we reject any tickets from family and/or guild members looking for compensation on the stuff that was lost in chests that were on your property.


The only way you get people to stop cheating is by having stiff penalties for cheaters.


Then again I’d put a moratorium on server transfers.  I’d give everyone 60 days (but only 1 transfer) to get to a server they want to be on.  After that, I’d lock server transfers forever. The only way to grow a healthy population on any server is to grow the server.   


I’d also have put the 2 new servers on their own regions, those regions wouldn’t cross (ie you can’t have a Fresh Start NA and EU character on the same account) and I’d make is to that the new Fresh Start servers could never, and would never, share an Auction House, Arenas, etc.


These are just pipe dreams though, these are the wishes from a player who wants to see a game succeed.  









Speaking of games I want to see succeed, Bless is coming to North America in May 2018.  This is actually a little later than I thought they were going to announce, I had pegged them on a March/April release date, but I think their date of May was really well played.  This date basically gives people one more go around with Archeage to experience Fresh Start and a little bit of 4.5, and then it provides a jump off game to go to.


I have applied to be a Bless Content Creator.   I know I’m going to be checking out the game, and since I’m there I’ll make at least a few videos, but I’m thinking I may be jumping to Bless for a while.  The game seems fun, it seems fresh, and you know, I think we may have a chance to build a community there unlike what we have in Archeage.


Now, Bless is a game with a past, it hasn’t been received well in any of the regions it has launched in, however it has been re-engineered for a release in the West, so I think the game is going to be very solid.   I could go into more details here, but I’d rather just finish up the blog and then get to work on the video. So, be looking a video on Bless in the near future.










Haven’t really had any time to work on anything for Ashes this week.  Intrepid Studios was out at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week.   Not unexpected, we didn’t get any big news about Ashes this week, that we are expecting on during PAX East from April 5-8.  


I hope to get back to working on my Ashes FAQ this week.  I will dedicate some time every day to answering questions and getting them cited in my document.  This is the last week I will have the links to this document in my blog. If you want to find it after this week, you’ll need to drop into my Ashes page on my website.  


The full link is:


But I created a tinyurl for you as:


If you haven’t registered for Ashes of Creation yet and you want to help support the Paradox Gaming Network, follow this link and register for Ashes which will help the Paradox Gaming Network.  Here’s how:


Currently 89 people have signed up for Ashes via this link and have generated $126 in Intrepid Bucks. When Ashes goes live, this money will be cashed out and funneled back into the playerbase.  Fifteen percent of purchases made at Ashes of Creation (pack purchases, monthly sub, cosmetic purchases, etc) will be paid out to Paradox. This money will stay under Ashes umbrella and not used anywhere else. So basically, if you are new to Ashes and haven’t registered you have absolutely nothing to lose from using my referral link.        













The well is mostly dry.  I’ve given away so many Apex this month, that other than the one I have in reserve for the YouTube giveaway, and the one I have for the Patreon celebration (if we get to 5 Patrons), I’m sorta cashed out.  


I don’t make Ninja style money each month from my videos and Twitch, I wish I did I’d be giving away gaming laptops and other cool stuff.  I’m going to have to let the money accumulate a little more before I start giving away mass Apex again. However, I will remain committed to any raffles I do, I may just have to set some bigger goals if the Apex is going to come out of my pocket.   










Incredible New Growth...I can’t even set goals.


So this week was a record breaking FIVE video week.  I put out 4 Archeage Videos (Fresh Start Cram Session, 4.5 Cram Session, What is Archeage, and the new Naval Areana Rules) and I also put out another Paradoxical Impressions because there were some things I had to get off my chest.  You can check out those videos on my webpage or on my YouTube.


With that said, I simply cannot believe the growth that the YouTube channel is having this month.   


I honestly thought that 1,431 subscribers was going to be hard to reach, since we had a slow February.  Well, wow was I wrong. Not only have we totally crushed the 1,431 goal for March, but we are 22 subs away from what SocialBlade predicted we would have at the end of April.  March has been the biggest growth month in the Paradox Gaming Network YouTube history, and we still have 7 days in the month.


Since we hit that 1,431 goal in March I will be doing an Apex raffle through YouTube, so be on the lookout for that.  As soon as I have some Archeage content I will get the video produced. I will only be advertising the Apex giveaway on one video, but I will also push it via Twitter (1 time) and on the Webpage (for 2 Weeks).    


Next weekend I will set the goal for YouTube's subscriber for the Month of April and May, but at the rate we are pushing you guys are going to help crush that in record time.   









Had to set BIGGER Goals because we are crushing it


I honestly have no idea what to make of my Twitch success.   Each week I set this goal that seems impossible to hit, and each week my community (that’s you guys) just keeps hitting these benchmarks.  I ended up giving away 4 Apex this week which meant we are getting bigger and bigger in a hurry.


Right now for the past 30 days I’m sitting at 8 streams, at 38 hours 49 minutes, with an average of 32 followers.   To become a Twitch Partner I’d have to do 12 days (that’s easy), I already hit the 25 hour requirement, but I’d have to have 75 average viewers.   It is the 75 average viewers that I think is going to be the catch. I mean during the Friday show we had a crazy 84 average viewers on a Friday Afternoon, so I think it is doable with some mass coordination.   Plus, partner status means more money and more money means more giveaways.


The Friday show hit the third highest number of viewers I've ever had, and it was the highest I've ever had without Trion swag to giveaway.   At one point in the show we had 137 viewers.  That is crazy for a daytime Archeage.   Maybe its me, maybe its the Apex.  I'm betting its the Apex.   


I will be doing another weeknight show this week, except I’m going to do Wednesday Night this week, in a hope that we can get our patch notes in time for the show.  So that will be 28 March at 2100 EST/1800 Pacific. I will also be doing my usual Friday show at 1000 Pacific/1300 Eastern/1800 GMT.


During either show this week, if the follower total of Twitch is 475 or more, I will find an Apex to give away.  For either show if we hit 150 total viewers, I will dig into my own pocket and give away an Apex.   If after the fact, either show has an average viewership of 90 or more, I will give away an Apex during the next show (Twitch needs time to do show summaries)  


As a side note, on the 2 Subs = 1 Apex giveaway; given that I’ve had some problems with subscriptions on Twitch actually registering, if we do get 2 subscriptions in a show, the Apex for that benchmark will be given away during the following show.  I’m not sure exactly what is up with with things, but I gave away some Apex due to getting 2 subs, but then after the show those subscriptions didn’t count.   Until we start making the real big money as a community I have to count the pennies.






Patreon Site - Still aiming for 5 Patrons..still have an APEX to giveaway


Want to support Paradox?   


Did you that $1 a month makes you a Patron?   It comes with cool things like your name in the credits of my videos.  So if you ever wanted to support Paradox for the cost of $1 a month you can support Paradox.


It will also force me to cough up another Apex when we hit 5 Patrons.


So, if 3 clever people out there get together and each pledge $1 for 1 month, that means I have to cough up the other $7 to hand out an Apex.  Not a terrible deal.   



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