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March 18, 2018


This week from the

Paradox Gaming Network


Another great week, lots of news, lots of giveaways done, including the YouTube 5 Glider Giveaway. Lets get on with it.













I don’t even know where to start with Archeage this week.  


No, I do know where to start.  Goodies. I have 5 Skywhisper gliders to give away to people who commented on YouTube Videos.  Those winners are:


Clarkey, TristenC7, Signo, Draeoniiv, and Lhugore.


Your codes have been sent to your official forum box.  Two notes on these. 1) They will not work on Fresh Start Characters, 2) there were some bugs with these codes.  If it does not go through, let me know.


Next, we got the 4.5 Patch Information drop date.  It’s April 5, 2018 or 4/5 (4.5 on 4/5 isn’t that precious?).  We also have the Fresh Start server date. That’s also going to be on April 5, 2018.


Now, with that said, I’m not totally in love with the way Trion handled all this, hence why I put out a pretty inflammatory video on Wednesday.  I think Trion dropped the ball both with their Marketing decision with their decision to go to the media and not let their own in-house content creators have the news, if not first, then at least with a little time to do something with it.  Instead Trion decided to get in the media cycle and they ended up with an “inside corner Page 6 article.” The “news” of 4.5 was gone from most major MMO outlets within hours of it breaking.


The ironic thing in all of this that a few weeks ago wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the Paradoxical Impressions brand, but now I”m glad that I had started doing them, because it gave me a platform from which to talk about Trion and Archeage 4.5.  More about that particular video in the Paradox section.


As far as Archeage, what I can say today is that I won’t be doing any more translation videos.  Sorry, Shadowplay, Auramancy, and Witchcraft, you won’t be getting your own 4.5 videos. I did finish the defense one and pushed it this week prior to the announcement, so at least people will have most of what they need in video format.  Make sure to check out as Mark has his version of the skill translations up.  I was pretty close across the board.


What I am working on now is a few Archeage 101 videos on how to be successful on the Fresh Start server as well as a video for really new players.  I’m also going to be doing a video on Naval Arena this week, because the rules have changed and so have the tactics, but the match is now so much more fun.  








Ashes of Creation


While I’m not going to go into the full details of why, my support for Intrepid has dropped from 100% to probably 85%.


I won’t go into details, other than to say an incident occured and out of respect for the owner of the company who has been a straight shooter with me since I started talking to him I will leave it at that.  Of course, as the voice of my community, I will say I have everything archived and documented and if the incident and its aftermath is not made right, or I find out that it continues to become a larger problem that they have indicated, then at a later time I will have everything I need to properly share the issue.


Until then, you can enjoy the FAQ I’ve been working on for Ashes at:


The full link is:


But I created a tinyurl for you as:


If you haven’t registered for Ashes of Creation yet and you want to help support the Paradox Gaming Network, follow this link and register for Ashes which will help the Paradox Gaming Network.  Here’s how:


Currently 89 people have signed up for Ashes via this link and have generated $126 in Intrepid Bucks. When Ashes goes live, this money will be cashed out and funneled back into the player-base.  Fifteen percent of purchases made at Ashes of Creation (pack purchases, monthly sub, cosmetic purchases, etc) will be paid out to Paradox. This money will stay under Ashes umbrella and not used anywhere else. So basically, if you are new to Ashes and haven’t registered you have absolutely nothing to lose from using my referral link.        












Now onto the Paradox Gaming Network Stuff


I’m still on my quest to be the voice of 50,000 gamers.   This week has been a very good week for trying to make that happen.  YouTube subscriptions are up. Twitch Subscriptions are up. Viewership for both are up.  This was a very strong week for the Paradox Gaming Network, and I want to keep it that way.  


I’ve grown so tired of gaming companies being able just piss on their customers and not have to answer for it.   I’m just a small streamer and YouTube creator, but I will one day have a following that companies will have to reckon with.  One day I will be able to show up and poke my head around and say “So, what do we have here?” I know people tell me that I’m dreaming, but you know, I never thought I’d have 500 YouTube followers.  I certainly didn’t think I’d have 1,000 in six months, and I never thought I’d be making money doing this. All these things are happening, so why not 50,000 viewers?


Apex for you...and you...and you Part II


Gave three Apex out this week during my Stream.  As you will see in the Twitch section we hit some great numbers.  Thank you to Koos ( for the donation.









YouTube - 1,431 Subscribers by 31 March?  43 in 13 Days


So last week, I threw down a big challenge.  I said I wanted to hit 1,431 subscribers by 31 March.  I knew it was a huge challenge, it was going to require a record average six subs per day to make it happen.  


It may have been just the fact that I threw down the challenge that got people to respond.  Or it could have been the video that people seemed to love that drew them in. Either way, the fact is we had a record breaking 88 subscriber pull in 7 days.  To shed some light on that number, we only brought in 88 new subscribers in the entire month of February, so to do those numbers in one week was big.


We aren’t done for March though.  We still need to pull in 43 more people in 13 days.  I think we can do it, and if we do it, that’s another Apex that is going out to the community.      


Also, this week saw birth to the first video from the Paradox Gaming Network to hit 1,000 views inside a single 24 hour period plus, that same video set the record for most comments on a video, so that was a really strong video to add into our lineup.  Strangely enough it was from the Paradoxical Impressions line of videos, a program I had thought about cutting a few weeks ago. So one Paradoxical Impressions hits 1,000 views in one day, and my poor Sea of Thieves video hasn't hit 100 views in 5 days.  Its ok though, we'll get there. Speaking of Sea of Thieves, very fun game, but I'm not sure if I'd recommend it. Check out the video.


Plus, we also had a video finally hit 10,000 views.  The original making Gold video rolled over 10,000 views.  It's actually quite funny the Part V - Making gold video has hit 10,000 views, and no other video has even hit 5,000 yet.  I find that rather odd because I have a second making Gold video and it has been slow creeping along.


Hopefully, some of the videos I’m putting out this week for the the Fresh Start server will pick up some traction.  What I’m really waiting on is for some new games to come out so I can push them via video.








Twitch - Had to set BIGGER Goals because we are crushing it


Wow guys, I have to stay thank you for all the support with my Twitch Channel.   


I honestly never thought I’d see 75 people in my channel unless I was being hosted by Trion and I had their swag to give away.  I started streaming with a show of literally 3 people each week. Last week I thought we had hit what was going to be our max viewership at 49 viewers.  Well you guys went and surprised me again. This week we continued to hit new levels pushing over the 75 mark and hitting 79 at max viewership. Plus, we have already hit March’s follower goal.


Plus, big thanks to Sinnystixxx who gifted 2 subs to my viewers (which did of course trigger that APEX Giveaway)


So, now what do we do?   It's only 18 March, we need to set new goals.  Well, if I am going to become the voice of 50,000 gamers, we need to keep setting lofty goals.  Ok, 50,000 viewers by Friday, doable right? Just kidding.


This week we picked up 31 new followers.   Since I’m going to be doing a nighttime show this week (Tuesday 20 March at 2100 EST / 1800 Pacific), and the usual Friday AA101 show, I think we can pick up another 30 followers on Twitch this week.   I also want to see if we can break into triple digits this Friday for the Twitch Show. If we can hit 79 on the spur of the moment, I think we can hit 100 with some pre-planning and coordination.


If we hit either of those goals I will give away an APEX.   


As always, I will give away an APEX if we get 2 new Subscribers to the Twitch Channel.   


That means there are 3 APEX up for grabs this Friday.    


Check us out on Fridays at 1000 Pacific, 1300 Eastern and 1800 GMT at  






Patreon Site - Still aiming for 5 Patrons..still have an APEX to giveaway


Want to support Paradox?   


Did you that $1 a month makes you a Patron?   It comes with cool things like your name in the credits of my videos.  So if you ever wanted to support Paradox for the cost of $1 a month you can support Paradox.


It will also force me to cough up another Apex when we hit 5 Patrons.


Even if you don’t sponsor Paradox, I invite you to check out the site, It will give you some insight into what I want to do with the Network.


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