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March 4, 2018

This week from the

Paradox Gaming Network


First and foremost the APEX contest has closed.  You can get the rest of those details down below.   


Busy video week, ended up putting out four videos, with a fifth done and waiting for release.  While I wish I could keep up with this production pace, I simply can’t.  More on that in the YouTube section below.  


Speaking of YouTube though, Subscriber Goal for March: 1431.  Very large goal, but I think it's doable.


Now, onto the game stuff.  




Wow, do I have a ton of stuff going on with Archeage at the moment.


First, the Daru Egg Festival is going on, so make sure you get over to Ahnimar and raise some Daru eggs.  Title hunters, there is a title to be had with this event, but it is pure RNG, which makes me not like the event.  Titles should not be tied to RNG; or if you are going to tie them to RNG, then at least have the option to buy the title in the reward vendor.   I have a video up on the Daru Event here.


Also, this week found me going back to my roots and doing new player videos that really address really new player stuff.   I did the Blue Salt Brotherhood questline, both parts of it.   The first video is up, the one that talks about getting the 8x8 farm, and then it tells you what you are going to need to do to finish out the rest of the questline to get your Cart, Wagon, Dawnsdrop gear, etc.   That video is here.


Part II of that video series is done as well, the one that teaches you the fundamentals of trade quests and how to get your 16x16 Farm.  That video will be out later this week.   


Finally, the Occultism 4.5 skill changes video is all set to be recorded, I just need to find time in my schedule.  I need to get a studio so I have 24/7 availability to do recordings.  My goal is to get Occultism recorded this week and Defense translated.      


Ashes of Creation




Yes, have a little bit of news to share with the community about Ashes. The new store items are up, and a lot of those cosmetics look great.  I’ve done an overview of the packages here.      


If you haven’t registered for Ashes of Creation yet and you want to help support the Paradox Gaming Network, follow this link and register for Ashes which will help the Paradox Gaming Network.  Here’s how:   


Currently 86 people have signed up for Ashes via this link and have generated $126 in Intrepid Bucks. When Ashes goes live, this money will be cashed out and funneled back into the playerbase.  Purchases made at Ashes of Creation (pack purchases, monthly sub, cosmetic purchases, etc) will be paid out to Paradox. This money will stay under Ashes umbrella and not used anywhere else. So basically, if you are new to Ashes and haven’t registered you have absolutely nothing to lose from using my referral link.        



The Paradoxical Impressions on Dreadnought is up and you can check that out here.  


Let me tell you, that I enjoy this game so much all the other side games were uninstalled from my computer.   While I like a lot of the things I was playing, Dreadnought really is the game I was looking for.   I’m going to be doing a few 101 style videos for this game because I want to try and make sure that people know what they are doing plus I want to try to hype this one up a little bit more.   


If you want to check it out Dreadnought, you can do so at their site:


Now onto the

Gaming Network Stuff


5 Apex Giveaway - Closed


Well the five Apex giveaway is done, the raffle finished.  I will say I was little disappointed that we only got 14 submissions for the Apex giveaway.   I probably won’t do 5 at one time again, but it was something I said I would do on Patreon and as we all know, when I say I’m going to do something I deliver.  I guess in the future I will have to let the contests run a little longer and try to publicize them more.  


The winners for the Apex giveaway are Sweettart, Kiia, Tyrenessa, Aryahh, and Maxandtiti.  


I have already purchased the three APEX for the people who will be picking them up on Conviction.  I’ve also cleared a character slot to travel to the first of the other two servers I need to go to make the deliveries of the remaining two. I do not imagine it will take me longer than week’s end to get these delivered.  So Conviction people will be getting their payout this afternoon, Aryaah will get delivery probably this afternoon and then Maxandtiti will get their delivery to their alt on Thunderwing.   

YouTube -

1,431 Subscribers by 31 March


So, as I have said in previous blogs, I’m a big fan of chasing achievements and goals.  There is this really cool website called Social Blade that helps creators of media outlets (YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, etc) see how they should be growing.


Well, I’ve used this to see what my projections for YouTube are so to sort of help motivate me to reach certain thresholds.  Now, I will say that their projections for the YouTube channel are probably closer to the realm of reality then the ones I set for myself this year.  I mean I set huge goals, like I wanted to more than double 2017.  Those who risk it get the biscuit.  Now, according to them I should be able to be at 1,431 subscribers by 31 March.  That would be a 167 subscriber month.   Doable?  Maybe.  January was a 141 month, so I think we can get there.    


Now, that production schedule news.  While I love putting out a bunch of videos each week, and I wish I could put something out pretty much every day, I’m going to dial down my production schedule again.  When there are weeks like this one where two things just go together, like Part I and Part II of the Blue Salt brotherhood quests, then yes I will certainly do all of it at one go to get them produced, however, five videos in a week is rough.  Trying to do too much in the realm of video production, leaves me with little time to lead Paradox in Archeage and then actually have time to enjoy playing video games.     


The productions schedule is going to return to being one AA101 video per week, one Ashes video per week (if there is news enough to support one) and then maybe one other video each week.      


I’m also looking at what I’m going to do with my Paradoxical Impressions series of videos, as after producing 9 videos in the series, I’ve yet to have any episode break 300 views.  With only 1,079 views and 5,215 minutes of watch time, this product represents only 1% of my total views and 0.7% of my watch time.  


While I love doing these videos, if I can’t figure out a way to make them more successful, then I need to figure out a better way to expend that time, effort and energy.  


Twitch -

310 Followers by 31 March


The Twitch show continues to be very solid considering the time-slot I run AA101 live in.  We continuously average just under 20 viewers, and for a day-time gaming program I would say that’s pretty good, especially since you know it's Archeage and the game is three year olds and not that popular anymore.


Profits from Twitch continue to slowly accumulate.   Never thought I’d make any money from Twitch, just did it to add to the collection of Paradox Programming.  Truthfully the Twitch Show was meant to help a few other streamers get started under the Paradox Gaming Network brand before going off onto their solo careers.  Sort of a win-win for everyone, but those partnerships seem to have fallen though.  Honestly, I enjoy my Twitch show it gives me a chance to just hang out with viewers so I will be continuing to do that.  Actually, I am trying to get set up with the ability to stream more often and during more “prime” hours.  This is actually where I think Paradoxical Impressions may turn into.  Instead of devoting 5-8 hours doing all the research stuff for a game review video, I might start doing game reviews live on Twitch instead.  This allows me more freedom to actually play the games I want to play instead of spending a lot of time in video production.   Plus, it helps bolster the Twitch portion of the Gaming Network.    

Check us out on Fridays at 1000 Pacific, 1300 Eastern and 1800 GMT at  


Patreon  -

5 Patrons by 31 Mar


So, after doing a lot of research, I have decided that an Limited Liability Company is not the direction I want to take Paradox, at least not at the moment.  You can get all the details on that in the last section of the blog.


Right now the Patreon Wallet is sitting at $50.00.   This is a nice chunk of money to have just to do things with.


Since everyone needs goals, right now I do not have a financial goal for Patreon, but I would like to see if I can get to 5 Patrons.  The first step to reaching a goal is setting a goal, so there, goal set.  5 Patrons is the goal.  


If you want to check out the Paradox Gaming Network Patreon site you can follow this link or you can click on the Patreon Button on the bottom of the webpage.  


Paradox Gaming Network, LLC

Not in our immediate future


So, I was going to report that good news was that Illinois had slashed their LLC formation cost from $500 to $150 which meant that we almost had all the money needed to go through the process of forming the Paradox Gaming Network, LLC.   When I say “we” I don’t mean me and some people on this side of my screen, I mean me and you.  The collective you.   All of you who make up the Paradox Gaming Network community.


As I was thinking about it, however, I began to ponder if Paradox is really making enough money to justify being under an LLC?  The full disclosure income that Paradox makes is projected to earn in 2018 is roughly $750. If I were to put Paradox under an LLC, then I would instantly open up myself to certain scheduled fees, mainly the recurring LLC fee of $75 plus 14.6% tax on the profits (self-employment tax).  Doesn’t make much sense to me to instantly start just giving away the money that people generously donate to the Paradox Gaming Network.


Originally, when I was going to do the LLC I was in Ohio which has radically different fees and rules, since moving to Illinois I’m not sure I want to give up more than 10% of what we earn to what amounts to nothing more than an extra tax.   


So now, I’m looking into other options for how to best move forward with Paradox as a business.   Rest assured, just like I disclose everything else, when the time comes I will make my thought process clear to everyone.

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