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February 4, 2018

This week from the

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So last week I laid down the foundation of change to do this as a vlog as well as a written blog.  I actually got all the footage recorded, but before I got the vlog edited and posted it was brought to my attention that something was seriously wrong with my 4.5 videos.   In order to uphold my long standing reputation for delivering quality products, I halted production on the vlog,  took down the incorrect Archeage videos and got right to work on replacement products.   Is there going to be a vlog coming?  Yes.   Will it be this week?  Hopefully.   This weekend got thrown a little out of whack because of the St. Louis Comic-Con, but starting Monday everything will be back to normal.  




First up, as always is Archeage.  A lot of things happened with Archeage this week.  


To talk about the 4.5 fiasco a little bit more in-depth; Mark at had put up the 4.5 Patch Skill tree changes back in September 2017.  These were notes from the testing cycle that XL Games was doing.  After his translations are complete, I usually wait a week or two before using his information.   So, in about the middle of October I started the storyboards for the 4.5 videos, but it was a lot of storyboard work.   All in all it took roughly 16-18 hours for me to get all the slides done, but, while I usually drink a couple of cups and coffee and power through the storyboards, everything kept getting in the way of putting out that video.   We had the 4.0 Major Patch, I was putting up the Paradox Patreon Site, getting the Twitch set up, starting Paradoxical Impressions, doing some exploration of Fortnite, Dark and Light, 7 Days to Die, and so on.  So the 4.5 patch storyboard kept getting kicked down the road.


I finally decided to finish the thing, and I did, and then I found out, that because I didn’t do my own first-hand research, that on January 4, 2018 XL had made an extensive post on their website about the finalized changes.


Of course, this made everything that I had posted irrelevant because it wasn’t what people were going to see.  Plus, I’d sort of lost my objectivity in the Archeage 101 series.   I got a lot of feedback (some of it rather direct) and that is exactly what I needed.   So, I took down the videos that were factually incorrect, got a new replacement one up, and then did something that I haven't done in a long time.  I actually did my own translation work on the 4.5 Passive Changes.


Now, to talk about the passives, just translating the passives took well over 20 hours.  I felt so horrible that I had brought out a bad product, that I felt compelled to come back even stronger with something better.   You will be seeing those videos come out on Monday (Part I: The four main tree

passives) and Wednesday (Part II: The 6 Support Trees).  Be on the lookout for those.


But wait, there’s more.  I also have the Tundra Fishing Event Video already up and ready for you in case you have any questions about it.


Plus, in other great Archeage News, the Paradox Gaming Network did as special edition of Archeage 101 Live on Friday.  Why was it so special?  Trion Worlds hosted AA101 during their normal Friday Livestream.   During the show we worked up a lot of questions and feedback for Trion, and it ended up being just over three pages in length.   This has been put into the hands of Muzzy, who will be taking it to the Trion AA team.   This I think represents a great first time in trying to allow players a more direct and singular voice.  Will we see some changes?  I believe we will, but time will tell.   

Ashes of Creation


While there isn’t too much I can talk about with Ashes of Creation the game this week, I can certainly share two more examples of how Intrepid Studios, the people behind the game, are trying to build a better gaming community.


If you recall, between the Summer Backer’s Program and the new packs coming out that came out in December, Intrepid was selling “Pax-exclusive” packages for Ashes of Creation.   When they released the new packages in December there was a moment of outrage because of the quality of the new packs was significantly greater than the value of the old packs.  Inside of an hour Steven Shariff, the owner of Intrepid released a statement that indicated he had heard the feedback loud and clear and to sum it up he said they would make things right.


What was said was that people would be able to upgrade their PAX-Exclusive packages to the new packages.  This week, they did one better.   They simply applied the new packages to the people who had purchased the old packages.  It was basically done as if you had pre-ordered the December packages, and they went a step further and said “yeah keep the other stuff too.”  That is an amazing mea culpa (acknowledgement of fault) from a company.  I think if more companies did this, the gaming community would be better.   


“But wait, there's more!” as said by Ron Popeil applies here too.  People who bought the PAX Packages will still be able to upgrade their packages if they so desire, although the date on this isn’t yet set.  Or, if they want to keep their package and just buy into an earlier testing date as an add-on they will be able to do that too.   


That sounds like a lot of good news, but I’m still not done with good news reporting.   There are a lot of companies where when you provide feedback to the company you never really get a response.  I provided some feedback to Intrepid this week, and I got feedback alright, from Steven himself.   I discovered something was broken, something rather important, and not only did the boss get back to me, but they got it fixed in a pretty short order.  I continue to be impressed by the actions of this company.   0


If you haven’t registered for Ashes of Creation yet and you want to help support the Paradox Gaming Network, follow this link and register for Ashes.  We currently have 79 people who have decided to support us via this method and we have at least $126 in Intrepid Bucks that we will end up cashing out and raffling off/giving away to players.


7 Days to Die

Electricity Tutorial


So, 7 Days to Die is currently my hideaway when I don’t want to be online.  I’m telling you, I really enjoy this game.  It’s kinda like advanced minecraft with zombies.   Who doesn’t like Minecraft...and zombies?


One thing I really really struggled with was with Electricity. The Fun Pimps (the makers of 7DtD) have done a great job with adding this feature into the game.  For me, however, since I spent 7 years doing electrical work when I was in the military, I struggled greatly with some of the nuisances of how this feature works.   Now that I have it figured out, I want to make sure people don’t have the same problems that I did, so I present to you my two part video series on Electricity.   

Paradoxical Impressions

Conqueror’s Blade


My video Paradoxical Impressions of Conqueror’s Blade are finished and posted on YouTube, Patreon and here on the webpage.   All in all, I enjoy the game, however, it has a long way to go to flush out some features until its ready for Primetime.   Sadly, from the vibe I get I have a fear it's going to be massively pay to win and that will just totally destroy the game.   



An sandbox game in development


If you read last week’s blog you know that I’m currently following a very PvP-centric game in development called Fractured.


While I had planned on trying to get a video on it out this week, with all the other stuff I had going on, I had to push it to the side.  It will be coming though, because I just say the racial stuff this week, and these guys are really trying to make it so that the races are all different, which will mean, that the PvP will be exciting and intense.   


If you want to check it out, I’d kindly ask you to use my referral link so that if access becomes available I can do my Jahlon thing and bring you some footage.


Now onto the Paradox Gaming Network Stuff



20 percent of last year in the first month


January 2018 was a great month for us on the Youtube Channel.   We had 21% of the views and 20% of the watchtime that we did for all of 2017.   We even had 14% of the subs we gained.  Even if these numbers stay the same all year I’ll be happy.  Just kidding.  No I won’t.  Never stop pushing, never rest on your laurels.  Always be pushing forward.


I set some pretty lofty goals for what I want the totals of Paradox to be on Youtube at the end of the year.  January didn’t quite reach the necessary threshold to meet these goals, but then again I did have to pull down two videos and I was sick, so making 80% of a lofty goal when in a slump is still progress to me.  



“I do not see coincidence, I see providence”


I could not the get the Morpheus quote out of my head this week.   I selected three goals as my next three goals for Twitch “Reach 200 Followers, Have 25 people chatting at the same time, and Have 50 viewers at the same time” and I figured these three goals would take me a while to accomplish.  Then Muzzy said they’d host my show this week on the Trion Channel, and my achievements exploded.


So really, the next major think I need to do is pick up my 200th follower, and then I don’t know what I’m going to do with my stream.  I will continue to do my Archeage 101 live on Fridays, and I know I have plans for this coming fall when I have more of the day every day to stream.  I’m always looking for feedback and suggestions, so if anyone has any, I’d love to hear them.   I do, eventually, want to try to become a Twitch Partner, but that is a late 2018/early 2019 goal.  

Big thank you to all my new followers (Picked up 30 during that Twitch hosting) and to the 3 Subscribers during that show (Support is support and I appreciate that).   The money will be applied to the current project of turning the Paradox Gaming Network into a LLC.   


Check us out on Fridays at 1000 Pacific, 1300 Eastern and 1800 GMT at  

Patreon Site

The public disclaimer stuff


As always, thank you to my Patrons.  Its been a slow roll getting started with support, so the $25 in sponsorship I have each month really does help.  My goal is to get the Paradox Gaming Network, LLC done this year, so whatever I don't have from Patreon, YouTube, Twitch and my other funding sources by the end of the year will come out of of pocket.   

As far as that Apex Giveaway.  All 3 clues have been given out, and you will see the Google Form appearing this week.  I will be giving out a total of 5 Apex.  The contest will run through the end of the month, closing on 28 February.   Given the nature of the contest will need a few days to put the drawing together and the winners will be announced on 3 March.


Delivery will commence after 3 March, however, Jahlon and the Paradox Gaming Network reserves the right to take up to 90 days to make final delivery.   This is due to having to create characters on servers, level them, and then delivery. 

If you want to check out the Paradox Gaming Network Patreon site you can follow this link or you can click on the Patreon Button on the bottom of the webpage.  

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