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January 7, 2018

Network News


Another Sunday, Another Paradox Gaming Network Update, but this time we are live from 2018 and let me tell you that 2018 is hot right from the word go.


YouTube: Old Accomplishments & New Goals


At the end of last year we were doing a major push to see if we could hit 1,000 subscribers, and we made it with plenty of time to spare.   We actually closed out 2017 with 1,012 subscribers which was a pleasant surprise, although to me it's never really been about the subscribers it's about providing quality content.  Truthfully, while I was doing a subscriber push I was also hoping to hit a different benchmark, and that was 500,000 minutes of watch time.  Believe it or not we nearly hit that mark and it was a huge accomplishment considering that we started the month off with 384,387 minutes of watch time and we ended with 496,478.  At this junction in what we are doing, I’ll take 112,091 minutes of watch time in any month.


Now, like any good organization you have to grow, if you aren’t growing you are slowing, and that’s not what I want to have happen to what we are building.  So, three YouTube goals for 2018:  2,500 Subscribers, 210,000 views, and 1,500,000 minutes of watch time.  These goals are massive, but I think given the quality of the videos we have produced lately, we can easily hit all three of these goals together.


Speaking of videos, my week long vacation is over and I have something already uploading to YouTube and that is a look at the upcoming equipment changes, or at least some of the major ones, coming in 4.5.    


Archeage 101 Live on Twitch   

This past week’s video proved a point I have talked about many times:  Do not do you own regrading.   I ended up burning through 2100 gold to end up with:  NOTHING.  As you will remember numerous times I have done videos and discussed never ever regrading, but I did it anyway for a video and it didn’t turn out very well.  You can see the clip from my recent escapades on YouTube.  Thanks to The Alchemist for giving me the idea to put this up.


I’m not really sure what my goals for Twitch are this year, which we all know is problematic.   If we don’t have a destination we end up circling around and we end up nowhere.  It would be really easy to say that my goal for 2018 would be to reach Partner status, but truthfully I know this isn’t a realistic goal, and all goals should be SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, REALISTIC, and Timely).   Being able to stream 25 hours on 12 unique days in a 30 day window are all realistic, but having 75 average viewers isn’t very realistic at this moment.


So, I’m thinking this goal will work for Twitch at the moment:  Stream AA101 every Friday and reach a follower count of 150 by the end of the 2 Feb show.   This would mean we’d need to pick up 31 followers in 4 shows, and I think this is a very realistic goal while I consider what I want to do with the Twitch Program.  


Patreon Site - 5 Apex Today, Business Status Tomorrow


Starting off 2018 on the right foot, we have the $50 in the bank for giving away five Apex thanks to our steadfast sponsor Jonathan Bentley.  I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to do this give-away, but I can tell you it will not be done on Twitch that much I am sure of.   Be watching for more details.


Sadly, I’ve had to change up one of the sponsor entitlements, as the other Patron for my videos seems to have forgotten to pay the bill.  Given the amount of man-hours I invested in changing up the introduction to the videos, sponsors are only going to have their names added to the end of the videos with the exception of the Co-Producer and above packages.  I would much rather spend the man-hours producing quality video rather than re-doing introductions.


The next step in the development of the Paradox Gaming Network is creating the Paradox Gaming Network, LLC so that I can operate less as a individual and more as a business.  Getting the Paradox Gaming Network, LLC off the ground is where I could use your help.  Sponsorship through Patreon or Twitch (including those free Twitch Prime accounts if you are an Amazon Prime Customer) or just letting the advertisements run on my YouTube videos are all ways to help me reach this next evolution.   


If you want to check out the Paradox Gaming Network Patreon site you can follow this link https://www.patreon.com/paradox_gaming_network or you can click on the Patreon Button on the bottom of the webpage.  


Intrepid Studios and Ashes of Creation News


Nothing to report this week, but I can hint at the possibility of some juicy AOC info coming soon.  That’s all I can say.


If you haven’t registered for Ashes of Creation yet and you want to help support the Paradox Gaming Network, follow this link https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ref/Jahlon/ and register for Ashes.  We currently have 75 people who have decided to support us via this method and we have at least $114.75 in Intrepid Bucks that we will end up cashing out and raffling off/giving away to players.


Archeage News


So, what I’ve seen of the 4.5 Patch Notes on omnom.io makes me turn my head 90 degrees to the side like an owl and ask “What in the…?”


Taking out the Dream Rings and the Ayanad Earrings is a mistake in my opinion, a very big mistake.  This is another example of how new players are going to be set back versus established players.  I say this as I’m on the last step of my Dream Ring (the 100/100 dungeon runs) and I have 1 side room left to kill on my Earring, which I will probably bang out this coming week.   


Making it so new players have to spend time re-running dungeons over and over and over and never getting a permanent item in exchange is a horrible idea.


While I think that some of the stuff in 4.5 is going to be good stuff, mainly the skill balancing, I think that the state of the game is life-support and without a good triage Archeage probably won’t celebrate another Happy New Year.

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