Meeting people in strange places; AoC Alpha Zero, AA 4.0

December 18, 2017

Network News


This week was a really cool week.  We had the Ashes of Creation Alpha 0 Testing, we had Archeage 4.0 Launch, and it's almost Christmas.  How was that not a cool week.  


What made the week really awesome for me though was the cross-server arena experience in Archeage that I had where I got to do an Arena with my biggest sponsor Jonathan Bentley.  It was one of those like meeting someone in an airport sort of deals.  The cross server arenas bringing people together!


Archeage 101 Live on Twitch - This week:  Live from the PTS Part II


Another great stream this week.  Our average viewership is starting to climb which is exactly what needs to happen.  We have slowly crept up to have 19 average viewers which is an important statistic for the end goal of being a Twitch Partner.   Which to answer someone’s question why am I not a Twitch Partner?  


Well I just got my Twitch Affiliate Status two weeks ago, which means Paradox can get paid via Bits and Subscriptions on Twitch.  The road to affiliate Status was fairly easy:  50 Followers, 7 Unique Days of streaming, 8 Hours of Streaming and 3 Average Viewers.    Easy Peasy.   The path to Partner is a little harder.


While to get my Affiliate status I basically just had to do a membership drive and then a few late night streams for the days and hours, the Path to Partner is a lot harder.  Not only do I need to stream on 12 unique days, I need to stream for a total of 25 hours and I have to have 75 average viewers.  Now I could easily do twelve two-hour shows, but getting 75 viewers during those shows, that would be the problem.  I have a ton of respect for all of the Twitch Partners because that isn’t an easy undertaking.   


YouTube - Will we hit 1,000 subs by 31 December?


At the beginning of the month I didn’t think this was at all possible, however, as the end of the month has gone on I’m starting to treat this like a mathematical game and I’m very optimistic it will hit 1,000 before the ball  drops.  As of today we are at 57 to go with 14 days left so we need 4 subs each day, which is right around the daily average for new subscribers.  I already have a couple of videos on the storyboard so hopefully I can get one more big one that draws in like 20 people in two days and this should make history for Paradox.


Rehash:   Patreon Site - Full Disclosure


Like everything else I do that concerns your money (and yes, even after you donate it to me, I still consider it your money) the Patreon Site has a sitting Balance of $36.76 in it.  As I said when I first open the site, the first goal was $50 to raffle off 5 Apex.  Obviously this won’t roll over to $50 until next year which is a good thing, that way I can keep all earrings and profits inside of 2018 which hopefully I will have turned my hobby into a business.  It also means that I’ll end up making up to 5 new characters since I’ll have to be able to delivery the Apex.  We will cross that bridge when we come to it.


If you want to check out the Paradox Gaming Network Patreon site you can follow this link or you can click on the Patreon Button on the bottom of the webpage.  


Intrepid Studios and Ashes of Creation


This weekend was the first Alpha Zero Testing weekend for Ashes of Creation.   That’s all I can say.  I can share with you the 64 Class names which I’ve “borrowed” their class name list and posted it here.   


Also, Intrepid Studios has released some more Pre-Order packs.  You can check out my video review of these packs to the right.   


The good news is there are going to be several more Alpha Zero testing opportunities.   If you haven’t registered for Ashes of Creation yet and you want to help support the Paradox Gaming Network, follow this link and register for Ashes.  Currently have 72 people who have decided to support me via this method and I have at least $114.75 in Intrepid Bucks that I will end up cashing out and raffling off/giving away to players.


Archeage News


Ok, so I won’t be too hard on Trion this week since their AA servers are under DDOS.   


I’ve even managed to find enough “good” stuff from 4.0 to do a Silver Linings video which you can see to the right.  Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying this is a good patch.   I”m just saying there is good stuff IN this patch.   The new cross server arena is pretty good, both the Water-gun fight and the Naval Arena.   I’d say more but I have to get back to them and finish off this first new title during double weekend.  


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