Another day; another AA Facepalm

December 3, 2017

Network News


This was a pretty rough week across the board considering our primary game to report on is Archeage and the timeline for the release of their new major content has been pushed to December 13.   We will get into that more in detail in the Archeage section.    The good news is that we got the very time intensive PvP Raid Builds and Tactics video done. That one had been on the storyboard for quite a while and was a pretty exhaustive project.  You can check that one to the right.


Archeage 101 Live on Twitch - This week:  Live from the PTS Part II


So this week’s AA101 Live from Twitch was both a failure and a success.   Again, I apologize to my viewers for the first 90 minutes being so choppy.   I should have thought to switch servers a third time to find one that wasn’t lagging, but at least we got it fixed for the second 90 minutes of the extended show.   


During the show we found some disturbing things about Obsidian gear which sort of derailed the whole show, but is the catalyst now for this weeks video.   I’m going to delay doing that video until after at least Monday where Trion said during their live stream that we will have 2 more builds on the PTS and then a potential release build.   Well, I can tell you that there has been 1 update to the PTS already, but I don’t really want to dig my teeth into that one until I get the second one.  


Good news for the stream, we continue to grow on Fridays.   We hit a peak 34 simultaneous users which was really cool, it shows really good growth from week to week, plus we picked up 8 new followers and 1 new subscriber.    Thanks Snowz!   We also has 221 unique views, although, some of that may be from the multiple restarts.   


Remember to all our supporters, if you have Amazon Prime you automatically have Twitch Prime which gives you access not only to cool freebies from Twitch, but it also allows you to support a streamer at $0 cost to you.   Sounds like a great way to help out your favorite green haired streamer.


I may extend the showtime a little bit, since it seems we get more popular around 3 pm Eastern.   I will have to make those


Ashes of Creation


Getting hyped for the Alpha 0 test on 15 December.   Again, it's going to be under NDA so I won’t be able to talk about it or show any footage from it.  I’ve not yet signed my NDA so I don’t know if Alpha 0 footage will ever be able to be shown, however, I’m going to say from my past experience I doubt it.  Given the rough version of the game we are getting, I imagine they want this to be their first experiment in making sure their server setup and their early architecture is solid.   Makes sense for a young company that doesn’t have experience publishing games.  


There is one more week of raffles to get into the Alpha 0 testing.  If you want to help support the Paradox Gaming Network, follow this link and register for Ashes.  Currently have 65 people who have decided to support me via this method and I have at least $114.75 in Intrepid Bucks that I will end up cashing out and raffling off/giving away to players.


Paradoxical Impressions


This week’s Paradoxical Impressions was cancelled due to the amount of work I had to invest in getting ready for the Archeage 4.0  This week, I’m not sure what I’m going to look at, but I’m thinking about reviewing Bless, since its due out in 2018 and its probably the next decent game to jump to while we wait for the Alpha 1 and 2 of Ashes.


Archeage News


Ok, let's get to this plain, simple and blunt.   What the Fuck Trion?


You should seriously be ashamed of yourselves.


First and foremost, you need to push this patch release till after the first of the year.   Simply put, the first build we saw on the PTS was so buggy, that it shouldn’t have even there in the first place.   How do you expect people to do any “testing” when you can’t even make the T2 gems, which honestly we shouldn’t be testing now we should have been testing those months ago.  We should have gotten a 3.7 patch months and months ago and gotten the 4.0 patch as a different update.


Second, and this is just me, some of the smart-assed answers your staff is giving in the forums is unacceptable.  To tell people to “Check out the live-stream” for answers is ridiculous, that’s like me saying “Yup, your sewing needle is over there.  If you are going to link people to the live-stream as an answer to a question, learn to do time-stamps in your description to at least put some “near” the answer they are looking for.


Speaking of your live-stream, why does Trion even bother with a live-stream when they don’t bother answering questions.   If you aren’t going to answer any questions, then just do a video.  Hell, you know what just do a Producer’s letter.


Also, it's pretty embarrassing if each week you go to the live-stream and you aren’t even ready to talk between yourselves without contractions.  I mean you weren’t even sure how to reseal an Obsidian Item. Transmuter?  Spirit something orb?  Brine stone?    I would recommend doing a script and a dry run.  I mean you are talking about a game that you make tons of money on, the least you can do is a little professionalism on your community outreach.  Either that or just stop doing it.  


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