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November 26, 2017

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This was a pretty rough week across


Paradoxical Impressions - Turn Based Strategy and 4X Games


This week I took a slight detour in order to talk about Endless Space 2.   This game is phenomenal.  Quite literally my first game I spent 15 straight hours in it.  If you are a fan of Turn Based Strategy games (aka 4X Games) I highly recommend this one.  I’d go into more, but just check out the video.  In the future I’m going to look into other games that fit this category.  I’m thinking about Civilization, Age of Empires, maybe Polaris Sector.


Archeage 101 Live on Twitch - This week: 4.0 Review live from the PTS


This week’s Archeage 101 Live was supposed to be live from the PTS, but sadly Trion didn’t get the new 4.0 build onto the PTS in time, however, the show continues to grow at a healthy pace.  We had 76 people join us throughout the 90 min show, and 15 of you were entertained on average at any given time.


This week, we will be live from the PTS assuming the build is up on the PTS.   If it's not, well then it's going to be another round of speaking straight up no filter.       


Ashes of Creation


No Ashes of Creation video this week.  I’ve covered most of the content that’s already available and published.  I will put out another video after the Alpha testing is finished or when new information is pushed out.   


Speaking of the Alpha Testing, do you still want your chance to get invited to the Alpha-0 testing? Follow this link: and sign up.   Just creating an account gives you a chance to get an Alpha-0 key and it will also give you access to the forums so you can poke around and see all the goodness that is Ashes of Creation.


Archeage News


The black Friday sale is currently going on.    If you have credits burning a hole in your pocket you might want to consider throwing some of them at brought back boxes.   I recommend the Ravenspine Wings, the Squire, and maybe one of the old mounts that are no longer available.    


Other than that, we are still awaiting 6 December for the launch of 4.0.   I would love to talk more about this, however, we need 4.0 on the PTS to have a final review.


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