The Birth of Paradoxical Impressions; Live Archeage 101 Classroom and more

November 5, 2017

Network News


Another really busy week here at Paradox.  The entire time I’ve been doing the different videos what I really wanted to get going was a weekly sorta of unplugged talk show where I could just talk about the stuff I wanted to in the MMO industry.  After several proddings and a lot of encouragement I finally put out the first episode of Paradoxical Impressions which you can see below and to the right.   Each week I’ll be looking at different things, mainly games, but since I’m going unplugged who knows what I’m going to get into it.  


Also, Paradox went live on its first non owl hours stream.  The Archeage 101 classroom went live last Friday and the turnout was pretty good.   We hovered somewhere around 9 and 14 people through the 90 mins, so I consider that a success.   I’m going to be sticking to a Friday at 1800 GMT / 1300 Eastern / 1000 Pacific schedule.  Like any good school, I will be off on holidays.  If you want to swing by and check it out this coming Friday join us at


Ashes of Creation - Building a community


Before I talk about the game, I have to give a big shout out to the Interpid Studios team, Steven Sharif their Creative Director and founder, Jeffrey Bard their lead game designer, and  several other staff members took up the Extra Life challenge this weekend, with Steven going the full 25 hours.  Yes, 25 hours due to the end of Daylight Savings Time.   They had set a goal of $10,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network.  At the time of my writing they had raised $15,000.  This is a solid amount of money for a 3 streamer gig.  Good on you Interpid!  This is a new community you are building both in and out of game.    


Getting back onto the hype train, Ashes of Creation continues to be amazing.  This week they released a lot of information to you, so I have of course complied all that into this week’s video.  You can see that to the right.  I delve into a live stream recap, a blog recap, and then questing, taverns and the artisan system.


Also, as a nice little secret tidbit, Steven answered a Paradox question yesterday.  While there are 8 archetypes available, there were originally 12 that our currently got whittled down to.   That’s amazing.   First and foremost I want to know what the other four were.   Then I want to know if we are every going to see them or if they abilities have been chopped up into the other 8 classes.   These are the little nuggets that make your mind spin.   


If you haven’t already registered for the Ashes of Creation forums, please consider following this link and signing up.   Just creating an account gives you a chance to get an alpha zero key, so what do you have to lose?


Ashes of Creation - Fan Fiction


So, a long time ago in a land far away before I made videos I did a lot of fiction writing.   Well for the recent Ashes contest I dabbled in a few different short stories.


The first is about a cleric student gone rogue who runs into her unknown mother in the most bizarre ways.  You can check that one out here.


The other is the backstory of a young cleric and how he rose to power so quickly.  That one is here.


Check them out, and then if either of them catch your fancy send me a mail at and I’ll work on them a little more each week.   


Archeage News - News?   Something?   Anything?


So this week the only news we got was that we will be getting news.   This is not the sort of PR campaign to be having when there are games coming out left and right that are going to draw your players away.  


I really cannot believe that the 4.0 date hasn’t been set in stone yet.   People want to be able to plan time off around big expansions, and 4.0 is going to be big.


Truthfully, I’ve said this, and I’ll keep saying it, Trion has access to this like brilliant gem of a game, but they just keep screwing it up.


Right after Evolutions the population exploded.  You literally couldn’t find a space in a CR/GR/Whalesong anything raid.   Biggest thing that was dropped was that the 100 man raid count should have been in the game before the evolution. Truthfully, the 4.0 patch should have been linked up with the Evolution and you would have bam had a killer fresh coat of paint to your game.


Plus, the 25+ fellowships owned by one person should have been addressed.  Not saying that can’t do what they did, but if the purpose of a building was going to be exploited to block other people from having land, they should have removed the tax benefit from it.  Yeah sure, someone might keep 25+ fellowships up even if they had to pay 2K+ tax certs per week, but I kinda doubt it.




Nothing new to report on Fortnite this week.   Game is still going good and strong.  This most recent event is how companies should be doing their events.   If you are going to do a giveaway actually do a giveaway.   Epic Games gave away a ton of great stuff good on you guys.  

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