Twitch Finished and 3 More Videos

October 29, 2017

Network News


​Lots going on this week.   


Finally finished tweaking the overlays for the Twitch channel.  I have been doing some late night broadcasts of Dark and Light and Fortnite.  I hope in the next few weeks to figure out a schedule for when I’ll be on, but I do know that I’ll be doing an Archeage 101 Livestream, probably on Friday afternoons.   I want to do this so that people have a chance to get questions answers without having to wait for a video to be done on their question.   


I also have another project on the storyboard on top of my usual videos, be on the lookout for that hopefully later this week.


Ashes of Creation - Riding the Hype Train


The more I see of Ashes, the more I want the game to be out today.  This week I did a video about one of the core parts of Ashes: The Node System.   This is going to be a system that a lot of people will have to get used to, because there hasn't been a game where the player control not only their destiny but also the destiny of the world.  No more words on this topic from me, just check out the video.  


I’m also going to ask you all a favor.  If you haven’t already registered for Ashes, please follow this link and register.  What I’m hoping is that I can get enough people following the game via my link that they invite me into the early Alphas so I can do a ton of testing for them.   You know me, I love testing games, finding bugs, and giving them good honest feedback on balance.   Plus, when the NDA gets lifted I’ll have so much material ready for you.


Archeage News - Stale is Stale


Can’t say much about Archeage this week.  It's really gotten boring and stale.   I have to really disagree with how the Evolutions happened coupled with the 4.0 release.  Also, the last few events have been really lack luster.   


The biggest thing Trion has to learn is this “everything is bound” idea has to stop.  I have no idea why Experience Potions are even in the event, but if they have to be at least make them unbound so we can give them away to people.  Bound eco-fuel is another one, usually a person has 1 character that runs packs so let them ship all the fuel to 1 character.  Even the Dunn’s blessing charm shards should have been unbound so people could sell them or trade them between alts to make the final item.


PvP has become a sad joke in Archeage with the introduction of the Ancestral skills.  Everything now is just an alpha strike combo.  With the introduction of 4.0 toughness changes, it's just going to make fights go that much quicker.   It honestly look like the writing is on the wall for Archeage.   If there are zero catch-up mechanics, the last thing you ever want to do is just keep making it easier and easier for the people on top to get more powerful.


In other Archeage news, it looks like the Archerage NA server survived its first week dodging any sort of Cease and Desist announcements.   


Fortnite - New Graphics / New Event


Fortnite dropped a very nice graphics update this week.  All of the schematic, heroes, survivors etc cards have been updated.   They all look very crisp and clean now you can see that in the short video I did.  Also, the event they are running in Hexslyvania is a great way for new players to get a bunch of free stuff.  What’s better, is that unlike the previous events, these seem to be much more popular and aren’t as gated by levels.  This is a great way to run events and I hope they keep pushing things like this out to us.


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