Paradox is Under Renovation

October 15, 2017

Network News

As you can see things have exploded around here.   I didn’t make any updates for the last few weeks because updates take time, time that is better spent actually doing things that will make for better updates.


First on the agenda, the old web page is going to be getting two face lifts.  The first, is this sorta minor renovation.  I’ve move some clutter off of the front page and sent it into the Archeage Page where it belongs.   I’m also going to be opening pages for Fortnite and Ashes of Creation.  Already in the background however I’m working on a totally new and innovative webpage which will hopefully be ready for launch just after the first of the year.


Next, if you’ve watched any of the video media that’s been put out this week, you’ll see a very smokin hot new intro.  Major shout-out to Siryn who was up with me at like 0500 while we worked through 8 different versions to get this one the way we liked it.  


On the page you will also see two other things that are new this week.  The first is an easy access method for the Archeage 101 Discord Server located on the lower right.  I did this because Discord was being fickle and not always letting people in.


The other, is that you will see my Patron link at the bottom of the page. Several people have come to me in the last few weeks asking me if I had a Twitch setup or a Patreon setup for donations.   At first I sorta just dismissed it; I’d never given any thought to what I would do with donations.   Then I spent the last several days thinking about several things I could do in order to evolve the Paradox Gaming Network.  I sorta liked the idea of where some of the stuff could lead, so I put together the site.


Rest assured, if people donate: Great.   If nobody donates: Great.  

I will keep doing exactly what I’ve been doing for these past several months.  Even if you don’t Patron me there, stop by every so often.  I’m going to be putting up some polls there on occasion.   


Finally, I’m excited to announce that I’m final negotiations to bring a second video creator on board.  This individual is already a founding member of the Paradox Gaming Network, but you know that thing called life has gotten in the way of her ability to actually do creative work.  Hopefully before the end of the year you will see the first of her Minecraft videos.   Additionally, we are planning on doing some joint work together in Archeage.  More to come in the coming weeks.  

Archeage News


So good old Archeage.  There are a lot of things I want to say about Archeage this week, but I’m not going to.  I’ve tried and tried and tried over the years to get through to the staff at Trion that there are ways to do business and there are ways to not do business.   I’m not exactly sure what they are doing over there, but keeping their customer base happy is certainly not one of them.


As far as the <Paradox> guild goes we have had some shuffling around of key positions.  First and foremost my next second in command is Zalika, and she is honestly the best second in command I’ve had in 20 years.  Last weeks AA101 video was her brainchild as a guild template for things.  As far as graveyard shift Cheetara has been filling that spot very well, freeing up valuable hours for me to spend doing the management of the gaming network.  


As far as Conviction, I’m not even sure what to say about the server at the moment.  I’ve been so busy doing Paradox things, both in and out of game, that I’ve stayed out of the politics.  What I can tell you basically boils down to this:  people still don’t know how to PvP in the East, loud-mouth PvPers still stealth in Arena when they can’t beat a Cleric, the salt level is still over 9000, and apparently Disaster is coming.




Fortnite has really grown on me these last few weeks.   It is turning out to be a very fun side game, that is more than just a throw away waste of an hour or two.  


I would have loved to do a 101 Series on Fortnite, since there is a ton of confusing and non-intuitive stuff on there, however, I got my character up pretty high level pretty quickly, and you only get 1 character.  There’s no way to delete your character, so the only way I could do a proper Fortnite 101 is to either buy another package (not likely) or for Epic Games to spot me a fresh account for 7 days so I could do my thing, get my video footage and then they could have it back.   I actually did ask them for this option and they didn’t get back to me.   So, the Fortnite work that I will do will be very non linear until I get people caught up to where my character is.


This didn’t stop me from putting together a little taste of the game by doing an instructional video on the Surviving the Horde game mode.   Later this week I’ll be doing another video, this time on simple building and all those things that have taken me awhile to figure out.  I’m also going to be posting some Fortnite guides, tips and tricks on the new Fortnite section of the webpage.   Expect to see that later this week.  


Ashes of Creation


This game looks so good that I'm still kicking myself for not backing it in Kickstarter.  I did an in-depth review/preview of the game, the company, the team and the money.  With too many other games being one disappointment after another, I didn’t want to put my name on another game that turned out to disappear.  So, to let people know how serious my support for AoC is, I dropped my $225 the day after I did all that research and did the video.  

Now, you guys know me, I love testing new games, I love promoting new games, so I’m asking that my readers and my followers hit up this link:  


I’m hoping to get Intrepid’s attention by bringing a mass following to their game.  Hopefully, they’ll let me in the Alpha so I can not only do some major Alpha testing for them, but as soon as the traditional Alpha NDA gets lifted I’ll be able to bring you so much hype you’ll just be left as a drooling mass on your desk.

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