Not much this week

October 1, 2017

Network News


Nothing much new this week.   Did spend some time starting to set up a Twitch channel.  Mainly wanted to make it look halfway decent if I do every decide to stream something.    


Archeage News

Having looked over the 4.5 patch notes I can say that yes, Battlerage users are going to be getting nerfed a bit.  Healers are going to be getting changed, but I can't tell if its a nerf or a buff yet.   Archers and Mages both look like they are getting buffed.

4.5 is still a long ways away yet.  What I'm really looking forward to is the 4.0 patch.   The game is getting just a little stale again.    


Game on the Horizon: Ashes of Creation


So, I’m sorta keeping an eye on Ashes of Creation.  I decided I wouldn’t buy into any more kickstarters because after COE, The Repopulation, Life is Feudal, and a few other disasters, I’ve come to the conclusion that the gaming community should wait until a game is solid before putting any money into it.


Ashes of Creation though, it looks like it's going to be great.  I’ve included a link here and up to the right.  You should go and register and check it out just to be kept up to date.  I’ll be posting some notes here and there about the game trying to at least get people’s interests peaked.   

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