Week Ending 17 September

September 18, 2017

Network News


First and foremost, I am sorry for not having the update done on Sunday.  The land rush and following unpacking really took it out of me.  I suppose I should have done the website update on Saturday, however, Lashandra got me into Fortnite and well, more on that in a minute.


Last week, after having dodged the request for an Archeage Healer's video, I finally sat down and did one just before the servers went down.   It covers everything for a Healer except Equipment and how to level as a healer.  Those two things will be in Part II coming up this week.


Archeage News

Ok, huge news in Archeage this weekend, the Evolution went through without a hitch...mostly.


Yes, players on the EU servers panicked when they didn’t get their land back.  NA players were mad about the launch time being pushed back an hour.  However, in all that, we finally got a real answer from Trion about why the servers are oftentimes pushed back due to a failed restart.  


I invite you to go here:




Read this post, and it will become clear why the server restarts often take an extra thirty minutes to an hour.   We’ve been asking for this for three years and we finally got a straight answer, so thank you very much Celestrata.   


Conviction News


So, I’m going to say that I haven't’ really had a lot of time to play Archeage, as I’ve had to unpack thousands of items and get them properly filed so I can get back to production of consumables and leading <Paradox>


I will say that I am very happy about the placement of the Paradox Trade Houses.   We managed to get them in all the zones we wanted, and in better places then I thought we would, but the citizens in the East did send over several thank yous so that means it was well worth the blitzkrieg on Sunday.


On that topic, there are clearly some people who still haven't’ figured out that this is a sandbox and the actions you take will affect the server.   The server is about 90% full on land until Auroria opens up.   Why then, do people feel it necessary to drop 15 Fellowships in a zone?  Also, why would people want to have their own Private Tradehouse when there is a public one in the zone?  I mean, if it is the only house they have, that’s cool, but if they have an array of houses and farms and then their own private tradehouse, they are really just costing themselves money at the higher tax rate.   To each their own however.


Atlas Reactor News


So, I had done a review on a game called Insidia.  I enjoyed the idea of controlling all the members of my team in a turn based game.   Before I needed to learn a new cast of characters, low and behold, Trion releases a new game mode in Atlas Reactor where a player does in fact control all 4 Freelancers.


Bravo and well played Trion, this should have been the major change that kept me loyal to my side game; however a wrinkle has come up.




Welcome to the wrinkle.  I had wanted to play Fortnite for a while, but I have a general rule: Only one main game and only one side game at a time.   As I didn’t have an issue with Atlas Reactor and it was filling in the AA downtime, I was content with it.  Of course, with a network with as many people running around as Paradox has, of course someone would have a friend code for it.  Yeah, let me tell you, I fell in love with this game.  If you haven’t checked it out, you should, it’s really a fun game.  It is rather cartoony, and the First Person Shooter portions aren’t as crisp as your Black Ops genre, however, the shoot, build, save, gameplay is awesome.


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