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September 18, 2017

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This past week was very busy.  Not so much that anything big happened, but all the little things that just chip away at your time.  The better part of the week was spent still organizing from the Evolution in Archeage.  It is a very stressing time when you have a few thousand items that used to be properly organized in a very specific order and now they are sorta all thrown around in different chests.   


The other part of the week was spent figuring out the new Archeage Anniversary Event.  Wasn’t quite sure what was going on with the dog, so instead of doing the logical thing and sleeping in between his six-hour phases; I decided to just marathon like 30 hours to figure it out.    Ok, that’s not the only reason, I was busy doing other things as well, but there is a video on Kirby the Smelly Corgi up.  That was success by any measure.      


I’ve also changed to how I’m going to be doing my giveaways.  I have transitioned to a Google Form system, so that I can have people simply list their forum name in a single location.   Thus far it is working pretty well.   The current video has 26 entries on it.   If you want to take a look at it, you can find it here:


What I wasn’t doing this weekend was making the update to the web page, which I’m doing right now. You will find I have created a new page under the Archeage Menu that is the Archeage 101 video library.  It was getting too long to keep running down the right hand side of the page.   


I also realized somewhere along the line I got the dates all mess up on the blog, so now, I'm going to call them the day I publish them.  Just easier that way.   


Archeage News

Everyone who knows me, knows that when it comes to Archeage I’m much like Harvey “Two-Face” Dent.  I am Trion’s Greatest White Knight, but I’m also their greatest nemesis.   I will defend the company, as I will any company, from angry gamers who don’t understand why some things are just not possible.  I will likewise be the first person in line with the pitchforks and the torches when the company does something that is so totally stupid that you have to just turn your head sideways like a bird and ask “What directly the fuck?”


So last week I mentioned that even admit the craziness that was the Evolution, she took the time to answer my question with a very long in-depth answer.  This shows that relationship between the new Archeage Staff and the player base is improving.  


This week, I’m going to be the exact opposite.  People are upset about Corgi quest not being completable.   Trion (Muzzy) has already said they are waiting for a hotfix from XL Games and it will be fixed as soon as possible.  Now, let’s be honest here.   Players are upset, because they can’t get their reward, from an event, that will be hotfixed either today or tomorrow, and they still have 30+ days of the event left?   Really guys?   Give Trion a break.  They just pulled off a very successful Evolution, with very minimal problems, and they went right into their Anniversary, and I’m sure the release for 4.0 is already on the agenda and we know that the Auction Houses from Fresh Start are going to be joined with Legacy.    All those big topics in mind, let's ignore the fact we can’t get our Corgi for a few more days.    


On the Evolution, the only thing that I think should have been done prior to the Evolution, was pulling the code for the 100 man raids into our version.  We are back to the joy of having high populated servers, but we are also back to the frustration that everything is full during primetime.   Personally, doesn’t affect me, but I know a lot of people are getting frustrated because they went from being on a low-population server where they could get everything done, to being on a high-population server where they struggle to get into the raids to get things done.


Conviction News


I don’t have much to say about Conviction yet.  I’ve been busy meeting the quiet people of our new world, trying to change some minds about the necessity of unified PvP, and trying to get all of my sorting done.


I will say it is nice only having to lead about every seventh or eighth raid instead of having to lead almost all of them.  I don’t mind being the third-shift Raid Leader; I never sleep anyway.


Atlas Reactor News


Sorry Atlas Reactor, I’m cheating on you with Fortnite.  




Sorry Fortnite, you deserve more than I can say about you at the moment.   What I will say about you is that as a side-game you are almost too much to handle.  Fortnite is really almost its own main-line game.  Might get a little repetitive at the later parts, but thus far the only thing I find annoying is running out of resources, but I’m going to be doing a video on Fortnite later this week.


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