For the Week Ending 10 September

September 10, 2017

Network News


Couple of new things this week as I try to make sure Paradox is as streamlined as it can be.


Google Form for Contest Entry


First, I’ve considered switching from random YouTube comments to get people their Winning Codes to using a Google Form which would have people just submit their Trion Official Forums username.  If you want to take a look at it, you can see it here:


I do like this option because 1) It's easier on me, because I’d be pulling the name against a guaranteed delivery spot vs scrambling to get the code to the right people; 2) because it allows people to more easily share a video to their friends and guildmates who need to see as I can embed the video for the contest on the Form.

Go ahead and send any feedback you have to


Archeage 101 Discord


I have started answering a lot of questions on Discord.   In order to make it easier for new players to find other people in a similar state, I have created the Paradox Presents Archeage 101 Discord.


You can join it by going to


YouTube Channel Slowdown


A couple of people have asked me why the videos on the Paradox Gaming Network channel have slowed down, mainly the “highlight” videos.   Well, with the short notice merge, having to pack up 33 different properties, as well as continually manage <Paradox> and be a Salphira Hero, and a last minute upgrade of a shield from T6 to T7, the amount of free time I have is limited.   Also, the subject matter is very limited right now.  It’s either Pokemon zerging content, or it’s just the same old stuff.   I am very much waiting for Conviction and hopefully some good material.


My goal for my videos on Conviction is more on the visual experience of the video rather than necessarily the PvP and or Combat itself.   After all, I’m a Cleric and nobody wants to see Cleric PvP.


Archeage News


Trion, Trion, Trion.  Not sure what to say here, except that you’ve managed to go and do it again.   Let me break down a couple of simple things about what’s going on with this Evolution.


1. You’ve basically said that you don’t value your Oceanic players.You set a date range for your “Evolution Launch” and then it was brought to your attention that a 24 hour lock would put the land rush during the middle of their Monday Morning prior to work.  A suggestion to slide everything to the left by one day to make the land rush happen on Saturday was ignored.


2. Your Archeage players have asked tons of questions this week, all about the merge, and they haven’t gotten answers because you are at PaxWest.  That is all fine and good, because people who understand business know that if your Industry has major conventions, you need to have representation at that major conventions.   What your player base will not accept however, is pictures and tweets like the one pictured to the right.   


3.  Although many things have been said about how the land rush will function, a number of things don’t seem to line up.  I’m not talking about the SNAFUs with dates (15 Day early lock out for alts, 1 day early lock out for 1 credit transfers, etc).  I’m talking about the fact that things that have been said about how the land rush process will work, do not work in that function.  While the conflict zones will be put into peace by a GM Command, Nuia/Haranya controlled zones cannot be, so anyone not from the proper faction (Pirates / Player Nation) will be killed by Faction Guards.  This could have been avoided by just putting all the zones into Festival Mode, but it's probably too late for that now.  


4. Next time there needs to be a major change to Archeage, I will gladly offer my services to Trion as a Logistics/Project manager.  I mean, it doesn’t take much to not schedule your Evolution right after PaxWest where you want to be out of the office.   It also doesn’t take much to ensure dates line up properly.   

Salphira News


The Heroes elections came out, and no real big surprises.   Jahlon was re-elected as the #1 Hero.  Udontknowme from Paradox and Drakenv were the only other two heroes that attained 4k plus during their term for the big money price.  Of the 10 heroes from August, only 6 managed to get a reward, and 3 of those were the top one and 3 were the bottom one.  It is at this time that it is important to point out that if you are going to run for hero, you should be out in front leading.  If you are out in front leading your 4K is easy.  If you aren’t getting 4K, you clearly aren’t leading.


Also, much respect for Cheetara and Wolfieray for dropping out of the hero race.  It takes a lot of courage to admit when you don’t know enough about something to lead others.  While they may have dropped out in the month of September, don’t be surprised if you see them on the ballot soon.


Finally, it is with great sadness that I announce that I will not be seeking any more hero terms, at least not for the near future.  I have served the Haranyan faction on ten separate occasions.   The majority of the time I have been the Erenor hero, even during months when I have directed support to go to other candidates.   It has been an honor to serve you, and I look forward to Conviction in 6 days.


Fare thee well Salphira.  We loved you.  


Conviction News


When <Paradox> hits Conviction we are going to hit the ground running.   Anyone who knows me knows that I believe in a strong East.


For three years I have trained new players on Archeage and have gotten them settled in.   Some of them have moved on to do great things; some of them have moved on to do things that bring shame to their name.   None of that matters now, all that matters is what happens when we get issued our prison number on 9 September.


Paradox will have 2 Major Goals for the first roughly 60 days of getting on Conviction


  1. Dream Ring Progression

  2. Ayanad Earring Progression


So, what does that mean?  It means a lot of gearing up, a lot of world bosses, and a lot of just dedication to the library.  If you are looking for somewhere to jump to when you get to Conviction, let me know and we can see if our new goals are compatible for you.  


Atlas Reactor


The Chapter 5 Update was updated to 7 September.  Could be to give the Archeage players something to play while their main game is done?   Could be I think.

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