Week ending 20 August

August 27, 2017

Network News


We are about three weeks out from the Archeage Evolution, so that’s what keeping us at the Paradox Gaming Network occupied.  Making sure we help people understand how an evolution works, what key steps to take, what the compensation will look like, etc.   I’ve done a second Evolutions video which is posted to the right which will break down a lot of questions and it discusses compensation.    


Also, we are trying to get Trion to reverse a decision they made, because frankly it is a very poor decision.  More about that in Archeage News.   


Also, if you are ever looking for a gamepad, I recommend the Logitech G13.   I got it a few weeks ago, and while it's taking me personally a long time to learn to use it, remember, that my left hand is badly damaged, yet even so I can use this particular game pad really well.  


Archeage News


Ok, lots of news here.  Actually, it's more like an opinion piece.  Trion has decided that there is going to be a 24 hour wait on being able to place land on Evolution servers.


There points have been that it is going to eliminate server load, that it's going to allow for people get ready and organized.


Ok, first of all, letting people get more ready is a bad thing.  Instead of there being a massive cluster of a land rush, you are going to have the people who are methodical with 4-5 alts getting those characters into position and then allowing them to get guild flared to their new location instead of forcing one player to control 4-5 different accounts simultaneously.  


Second, to say we have a chance to “get organized.”   How exactly are we going to “get organized” if we can’t place land down to place chests down?


Third, to reduce server load?   The only server that is going to be affected by this is the log-in server, however, I have already written a better plan of action to address the log-in server load.


Instead of there being a 24 lock out, this would be a much better solution:


Saturday September 9th:   (SUGGESTED TIMELINE ONLY)


1000 EST: Open up the PLAY button for EU Servers

1015 EST: Unlock Shatigon, Eanna and Prophecy. Allow those people to clear the log-in screen and get into game.

1045 EST: Unlock Tempest. Have your GM staff near the well known locations that land hacking is going to occur.

1245 EST: Unlock Retribution. Again, have your GM Staff spread around.

1400 EST: Open up the PLAY button for NA Servers

1415 EST: Unlock Aranzeb, Kyrios, Kraken, Reckoning and Vengeance.

1445 EST: Unlock Conviction. Again, have your GM Staff spread around.

1645 EST: Unlock Retribution. Again with the staff thing.


My solution compensates for Oceanic Players and European players who play on NA.  


A few threads you might want to take a look at are:  


24 Hour Land Block is unacceptable



Q & A Dev Talk — August 18th at 1:30 PM PDT (8:30 PM UTC)



For anyone chasing leadership to 4K you have today + 10 more days to get your leadership.  


Salphira News


Salphira is Salphira.  Nothing really new to report on Salphira lately, except there are quite a few rats fleeing the sinking ships.   A lot of property got packed up and people left with the one-credit transfers.


Atlas Reactor


Still a great time-filler game.  I love being able to drop in for a match during a 15-20 minute break between events in AA.   


The new Lights Out match is great and really makes you think and plan.   

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