Week of 13 August

August 13, 2017

Network News


So, I’m getting a little bit better at making videos.  One of the hardest things about making videos is that in Archeage I play a healer, and very few people want to see healer action, even when we go out and play as an off-class like Assassin or Confessor.  So, instead of trying to focus just on the gameplay, my goal is to try and make the videos either more entertaining or giving them a certain flair.  The video from Thursday’s Abyssal should be a good and entertaining video.


Also, for those of you who keep marveling at the fact that I’m a clicker, my rehabilitation on my left hand continues.  I’ve purchased a Logitech G13 gamepad and I’ve programmed it; however, my left hand is in such horrible shape that I can barely maneuver around with it.  My goal is one hour a day with it, but also to do it on a fresh character.   Another piece of advice I got was to play a totally different game so that my hand is learning what it needs to learn, not trying to do what I need it to do in Archeage.   That was a really good piece of insight.  


Finally, an old Paradox member, Snowblade, came on this weekend and did what a lot of ex-Paradox players do and gave all his stuff to me to distribute to the new players in the guild.  Normally this stuff would be given out right away, however, given the Evolution is coming it will be held in reserve until we get to Conviction and then divided out.   Why am I putting this out there?   I like to have total transparency when I do things, and I never want to be asked #wherestheloot?  Snowblade is currently enjoying Dark and Light and gave it good reviews.  Being in development, and given that there is a ton of stuff going on in AA right now, I'm not going to jump into another game in development, but if Archeage has left you looking for something new, you may want to consider that.  

Archeage News


Not too much in Archeage news this week; however, we are expecting big news on Wednesday the 16th as Trion is supposed to lay out the rest of the Evolution plan.   

Salphira News


Salphira is just one of those places where no matter how long you’ve gamed on it, how many things you’ve seen, on any random day people can say things that make you turn your head to the side, stare at your monitor, and you say outloud “What the fuck?”   


Pokemon founded a nation because “they were looking for PvP.”  Ok, but against whom?  They were formed from the top 80% of geared people on the server.  Sure, they don’t have the entire top 20, but they have a pretty deep bench when it comes to gear score.  When your top people are in the 8k range, your middle people are in the 7k range and then you have your third string in the 6k range you clearly outgear the East PUG raid that has a few people in the 7k range, a few in the 6K range, and then the rest are still piecing together a set that is comprised of soulforged gear.


So, Jolteon was trying to have an argument with me in Faction Chat, when he comes up with “If we have 40 members in raid, at 4 points how many do we have to split to defend?”  What he didn’t realize is, as soon as he typed it, he knew he had fucked himself and proved the point that Pokemon can’t PvP unless they can Zerg.  Honestly, you are telling me that a 10 man group from a single guild, who should be on comms with each other, can’t wipe up a 11 man pirate raid or a 13 man East PUG Raid?  If you can’t do that, then how are you going to do anything against a force that matches you for numbers and gear?


Then Abyssal came, and sadly the pirates weren’t able to send a raid out there.  So it was just 15 East vs the fleet of Pokemon ships.  Now, when you have at least four or more Enoans, you should easily be able to hold the three crystals.  Sure, maybe you have a hard time holding the middle because you can’t win with numbers, but it was pretty obvious that the East wasn’t going to win by showing up at middle, but you still managed to not hold the crystal.  Not only did you fail to hold it, you embarrassingly failed to hold it.  Little video footage off to the right for my readers.


So apparently all the poking at Pokemon is making them mad.  When they show up to things, even when they have the advantage by the numbers, they full pot.  I don’t mean they use all the standard consumables, I mean they go the whole nine yards.  They have 7k and 8k GS people burning honor pots to fight six East at MM.   The answer to that one was “I make more honor than the honor pot by using the honor pot.”   Ok, well that’s gotta be interesting considering that when you guys do that stuff, we just vanish till the end of MM.     


I do feel bad for some of your lower gear score members though.  I’m sure they joined with the idea in their head that they’d get taken care of, only to find out that much like every other zerg guild, the people at the top get taken care of, and the people at the moment get forgotten about.  Unless all those people with the low gear-scores are the alts you have on cannons during Abyssal to make it look like you have more numbers, the they don’t need gear.


It should be interesting to see what happens, since apparently the great diaspora that Anitacelt predicted didn’t happen.   She clearly wasn’t loved, revered, or cherished on the East because nobody flocked to Pokemon after she was “exiled from the East.”   


Still looking for that eject from the East Faction button though that I was accused of having.  


Atlas Reactor


So, awesome news for Atlas Reactor.  They’ve added a new game mode called Lights-Out, and it is a massive change and mix up to the game.  As the game moves forward, you lose vision periodically, which means you have no idea where the enemies have move themselves too.  What’s even better is that if you time your own stealth properly you can avoid detection even when the lights come back on.  I’ve put a video up just to demonstrate how this match works.   Nothing impressive, no editing, just a match.  

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