Ignorance, Fire & Blood

August 6, 2017

Network News


I’d like to express huge thanks to the people who are making the Paradox Gaming Network a big huge Archeage success:  All of you!   In the last 90 days people have watched 76,762 minutes of my Archeage 101 series.  We have had 13,906 and 267 new subscribers.  That is a huge explosion in popularity.


This week’s video is on Guild Cloaks.  Also, if you post any comment on the Guild Cloak video, you will be entered into a raffle for a Squirrel Glider on 9 August.   On the agenda for this week is Consumables and then by request a video on everything Naval.   The everything naval video will probably be a two parter with ships and their details being one part of the video, and using them being another.   


For those of you who follow other MMO development, Chronicles of Elyria has been delayed by a full year.  I was a full blown CoE Supporter when I first heard of the project, but then as more and more facts became known, it was obvious that this project was doomed to failure.   Even with the most experience programming team, some of its objectives were stretch at the best, doomed at the worst.  


Two other games that are in development that deserve a shout-out are Crowfall and Ashes of Creation.  Both seem like they have put together the teams to actually deliver.

Archeage News


First and foremost, there is an Event going on for a few more days.   If you complete a guild quest you get extra prestige, honor, honor pots and extra guild XP, and then if you go to Reedwind and you help build the faction tower you get honor and honor pots, this is a great way to chunk away at your needed XP for your guild.   


With the announcements of Evolutions, people started losing their minds.  We put out a video explaining the highlights of Evolution.  Just when the chaos began to settle down what happens?  Of course, we get more 4.0 translated Patch Notes thanks to omnom.io (awesome work as always) and then we get some straight Korean preview of the skill changes/class balancing.  


If you want to check out the Patch Notes just click on the omnom link to the left.


I’m going to discuss a few of my fears with the 4.0b class balancing, but I want you to look at them first.  They can be found here.   




I’m a little concerned about the viability of healer builds, namely Cleric.  If the proposed changes go through, than two passives from each Skill Tree will be moved to be included only if you choose that particular Abyssal Tree.  For Vitalism / Songcraft healers this is going to hurt because we will be torn between picking the Vitalism tree (which gives us Defy Death and will also now include our 10 point passive Joyous Spirit which gives the -20% Vitalism Cooldown) or Songcraft (as our 5% cast time passive is being moved in there)


However, the silver lining is that these changes are still being tested by a play test group.  More to follow on this as it becomes available.    

Salphira News


So, let me start by saying that Salphira is my home.  I have been on Salphira since the first hour the game was live in Early Access.  Paradox has existed since like minute 16 of the game, and it has always been dedicated to helping new players and helping the East.  


Recently a lot of people have started coming out and saying that my goals have been self-interested.  They are entitled to their opinions of my motives, I always entertain the people who attempt to put together something that looks like a logical argument; the rest of the people, well if I don’t recognize your name from some of the content that we actually need numbers at, i’m probably not going to entertain you at all.


I’ve always been a fan of philosophy and debate.   To further this, indulge me for a moment and watch this short clip from The West Wing.   


Trying to lead anything when each person has a differing opinion is a daunting task.   Some people show up to Luscas on time get their 5 kills and then leave, which pisses off the people who don’t have their 5 kills.   That then becomes my problem because people yell at me for letting these same people in the raids all the time, but without those people would we ever have the manpower to get 5 kills?  Some people show up late and then blame me when we couldn’t get them their 5 kills but everyone else go theirs I’m supposed to draw the Sword of Power from my back, shout “By the power of Greyskull” and kill 50 Pokemon with a single sweep of my sword..errr...club.


I have shown on several occasions that with a small raid we can defend the boat and complete the objectives.  If we got more of the faction out at these events, we could probably turn the tide, but as Rocky Balboa says “you have to be willing to take the hits.”    All death in Archeage is, is a quick trip to the Nui.   You died?  Guess what, you get to respawn and come right back.  


So why do I keep leading?  I do it because new people keep coming to Salphira.  I keep doing it because over the years of fighting everyone I’ve had to fight, I’ve become increasingly good at hit and run tactics and guerrilla warfare.  I keep doing it, because people keep putting an x in faction and showing up.


On the Celts and <Nobody>

A few weeks ago the Celts said they would not fight Pokemon.  Anita said she would stop coming to faction events because she didn’t want to have to fight them.  Fine.  Perfectly valid.  As a person, as a player, as a Guild Leader, I cannot fault someone for having their own Non-aggression pacts (NAP) with various entities.  What I will fault you for is when you harm your own faction under the guise of loyalty to that faction, but we will get to that in just a few minutes.        


On 5 August Pokemon got denied Abyssal by 13 East, 11 Pirates and some number of West.  I couldn’t actually tell you the number of West because we don’t coordinate our attacks, although if you believe the propaganda I am the Lord and Master of the West, East and the Pirates.   By the end the East had 7 people in the raid, but we managed to endure, snipe the crystal with some tactics and strategy, and get to the end of the event with a no decision.   


This sparked off an evening of violent retribution from the Pokemon.   They came to both East and West’s CR and denied that content, some of them were even full potted.  


At the CR event I thought we were going to have something of a chance because we had a 7.6K and a 6.9K healer in the mix.  What caught me by total surprise was the fact that Anita (a top gear score Cleric) and Nickcelt (a top gear score Archer) were nowhere to be found during the fight.


What do we have here?  Oh, pictures.  I do love pictures.

​So, what we immediately see is that Anitacelt, Eyes (her alt) and Nickcelt are all off to the North by Northwest of the rest of the raid and they are killing all the CR mobs.  Now, as I said, if you have your own private NAP with Pokemon that’s great.  You don’t want to fight your friends, shady but acceptable.  Pulling the CR mobs in a direction away from the East raid? Now that’s just unacceptable.  You not only abandon the faction by not fighting with them, you screw them over by dragging the mobs so far away (at least 39.2 meters) they don’t get credit for your kills.  


So, I do owe Bsnii a public apology, he was right about what would happen with <Nobody>.   


​For the rest of the East, be careful when doing things if <Nobody> is with you, you shouldn't trust them.   


​Pokemon Retribution:  A night of Fire and Blood


​I actually was quite impressed at the level of rage I was able to inspire in Pokemon yesterday.  Valtegor and I had been discussing tactics and strategy and what would make the Pokemon the angriest.   We had plans within plans, and we never even needed to move past item 1:  Deny Abyssal.


​So, I’m going to lay this out a bit.   Jolteon is in Faction chat last night going on about how Pokemon doesn’t care about Abyssal Gold.  Ok, you can be the voice of your Nation if you so choose, however, if you didn’t care about the Abyssal Gold, why was it when you were still East you killed anyone who dared to show up to the island?   Getting the flag buff was acceptable, but taking even one pack was a capital offense for which execution was the only punishment.  Hell, lingering on the island for more than a few seconds would get you killed.

​Then Jolteon goes on to say that denying Abyssal isn’t even that hard, because a Galleon with 4 Rare Cannons can do it.   In this statement he is both correct, incorrect, and willfully ignorant.  He is correct that a galleon with 4 Rare cannons can do it.  He is incorrect because actually a merchant ship with 1 cannon can do it provided it is in place at 25% of the crystal spawn.   


Jolteon is wilfully ignorant because he is trying to downplay the fact the person who boards ships most often and causes near full wipes by himself is Algoz, a 7,994 Darkrunner with a Mythic Razor Visage and a Legendary Buff.  So, let's think about this: an 8K DR tiger strikes onboard of a ship filled with 4K GS Easterners.  Guess what?  Those cannons can’t fire themselves and everyone who is 4K is either dead from the Tigerstrike or dead from the follow-up attacks.  So it doesn’t matter if there is a galleon with rare cannons there, nobody is going to be left on board to fire them.   


Atlas Reactor


With this being a 28 day hero month, and the month before the mergers, Atlas Reactor is going to be on the sidelines.   If anything game changing comes out, I will let you know.


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