Week ending 23 July

July 30, 2017

Network News


Not too much is going on with the Gaming Network at the exactly moment. Right now the biggest thing is my continued studying of video production. Of course, right when I was getting proficient, Filmora had a pretty much update.   That’s ok though, I’ll continue to figure it out.  Right now my big thing is finding soundtracks.  Most of the Royalty Free music out there is the stuff you saw in my early on videos those songs that were a cross belong between techno and trance.  The actual production hold up on my highlight videos isn’t the video production, it’s actually finding decent music.   So if you are, or you know, anyone who does music scoring or production link me up with them.


We put out another five videos this week.  The important one that brings people here, the Archeage 101 Video, was the second part of the Housing and Land video.  I also did four combat highlight videos.


Up next this week is going to be the Guild Cloak video which will mark our 10th Archeage 101 video.  That video is going to be our contest for the next 3 Squirrel Gliders, so make sure you go there and comment on the video which is your automatic registration.


Archeage News


Few big things to note with Archeage this week.


First, if you still have coins from last year’s rum-runner event, make sure you turn those in for any tonics you want at the 10:1 ratio.  If you don’t, at the end of the event, all the old coins are being converted and you’ll only be able to buy tonics at a 1:1 ratio.


Also, for anyone who rages at Gemming out their gear, you may want to consider waiting until 3.7 to finish out any pieces and invest your gold elsewhere.  In 3.7 you’ll be able to gem your gear for a higher cost, but with no break chance.   Omnom has done a very good article on this, so I’m not going to rehash it, just go visit their page.  

Salphira News

Pokemon:  Not easily defeated; far from invincible


Something oddly familiar has been seen with Pokemon.  It seems like there are two breeds of Pokemon in the nation.  The first is that like all guilds, it seems like the people on the top are making like huge increases in their gear in a short amount of time.  The second is that it seems like the average rank and file members aren’t really getting anything at all.


I’m not saying what Pokemon has managed to do isn’t impressive, but really what they have is a handful of actual PvPers and then a whole lot of cannon fodder.   Cannon fodder can be kept up if you just slam a ton of healers in the raid, but what is the cannon fodder really getting out of the deal?  


Check out this week's videos to see how much harassment very small east raids have been able to cause.  If we manage to get any more numbers Pokemon is going to start to feel the noose around their neck now that the Pirates are coming back in force and the West is starting to harass them as well.


As far as the condition of the East, with as many Pokemon alts as sympathizers as there are in the East, I'm adopting the Sith mentality.  You are either with the East or against the East.  If you support the Pokemon, you will find yourself blacklisted from raids because the people who trying their asses off don't deserve to have their efforts undermined by Pokemon sympathizers.  


Atlas Reactor


The one big thing in Atlast Reactor News is that I have finally actually put up an Atlas Reactor page vs simply linking you to my youtube playlist for the game.   So expect a little bit of stuff to appear there in the next few weeks.  


Also, I am loving NEV:3.   She has taken over my favorite freelancer spot, and has knocked Elle down to 2 and Kaigan down to 3.  

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