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July 16, 2017

Network News


It was a very productive week at Paradox this week.  For starters, we have decided that Thursday is going to be our content day.  The major content Archeage 101 video will come out no later than Thursday each week.  Since so many of you have made this possible for me, I owe you nothing less than one very well done video per week.


Don’t worry, I’m not cutting down to only one video a week.   I will keep putting out other smaller videos like the one I did this week on opening daily quests for Archeage and the video-walkthrough I did introducing the new Freelancer NEV:3 in Atlas Reactor, but I want to ensure I follow a solid production schedule to get you the weekly video out, with good volume, crisp graphics, and well thought out logic.  


This week we actually produces five videos.  


Apex vs Jahlon (Blighter vs Caretaker)


The first was from the Arena Fight between Apex and myself.  To understand the significance of this video, over the last few years there has been a major rivalry between Apex, Platin and me.  A few weeks ago I beat Platin 2-1 in Arenas and it was just about the hardest fight I’ve had in arena. With the 3.5 changes I was hoping to just be able to survive to a stalemate, but the changes were so significant that I think I just caught him by sheer surprise in round one.  In round 2, he basically chewed me down so I thought maybe he had already adapted to the new skills.   Round 3 was a long intense round of combat.  The video footage is amazing, but I’m not going to show that footage.  Every time Platin has kicked my ass, it has taught me something, so I’m not going to cheapen that with a video gloating over a one-time 2-1 win in Arena.  Remember the sun shines even on dog’s ass some days.  


As far as the fight with Apex, I want the other healers to see what can happen when you reach that level of gearing where you aren’t a wet paper towel anymore.  I also want you to see that while you have the ability to mod into some damage via your Ancestral Skills, you won’t have the kind of firepower you need to kill off an equally geared Darkrunner/Blighter, nor should a healer.   A healer should either be able to keep themselves healed, or take out an enemy, but not both at the same time.    


This week we also knocked out two Archeage 101 Videos; one was on Housing and Land the very basics, and one was on opening all the appropriate dailies.  We also did a cool looking video with the Celts and Jahlon vs the West in Diamond Shores.  Finally we knocked out a video on Atlas Reactor something we havnen’t done in a long time, which also got us a Twitter like by the CEO of Trion Worlds, so that was a pretty cool added bonus.  


Archeage News

A lot of stuff going on with Archeage.  First of all the Royal Seed change has really messed with the economy.  Previously, if you were the person bringing in the four larders, you could be pretty certain that you would force the 2 cargo to spawn.  


First and foremost we are starting to see the more detailed patch notes of 3.7 and the early patch notes of 4.0.  Right now the 4.0 changes look like the total number of unique currencies are going to be going away.  It looks like Warrior’s Medals will be replaced with straight honor, and that merit badges are going to be removed entirely.  Don’t panic too much, this is just really early data so as more is learned I’ll direct you to the sites that get it all translated.  What I’ve already seen though indicates that a lot of honor is going to needed for all the different things.  Start stocking up on honor now, because you don’t want to have the same thing that happened during the Ancestral Skill Levels release, where you are stuck waiting on getting honor or vocation.   


The Event that doubles charcoal, vocation and other things is still going on.  So, if you are less than ancestral level 7, may want to consider knocking these out and getting that extra vocation.


Finally, the Rum Runner Event is coming soon, and it’s already a heated debate with the players vs Trion.  In previous years you could get the Boosting Tonic for 10 for 1 coin.   This year is is at a 1:1 ratio, and people are basically upset it's the third time we have seen the same event, but the prizes don’t change.  


Salphira News


Some people always want to try and ice-skate uphill


It's like history just keeps repeating itself here on Salphira, and each time someone walks the same path, they go just a little be farther into the path of insanity.  


Pokemon formed their nation a few weeks ago, and for the most part they were behaving no different than SlayerS or We Few.  They had a handful of people were were uncontrollable, but for the most part the East was content to be dominated as long as their few daily events (CR, GR, Luscas) were left alone.  The sad thing about the East is they will Innocent people who kill other East members.  They will literally stand there watching while other East members lose their packs.  The East has never actually been a working group, except for the very early days of launch when everyone had to work together to carve out a spot for Hasla Rift.  


Pokemon and Reckless had already controlled most of the money making ventures for months, so it was a weird thing when they formed their player nation.  Why would you invest so heavily into an infrastructure if you were just going to go off to Kyrios to PvP.   


Like all the other overlords of Salphira, one day someone decided that they were going to have their fun at the expense of the East.  First, it was showing up at Halcy, because apparently the Pokemon need “practice”.  If your Division 1 school needs to practice against the community college down the road, then you are in trouble.  I still can’t figure out the mentality of fucking up the server you just created your player nation on.  I mean, if you fuck the place up so much, people will just transfer or re-roll.  Given how the NA transfers work, you’d basically have invested in a Faction for nothing.   


The next thing was showing up at the East’s CR at the same time as the West.  Ironically most of the people in the East got their CR done.


So now, instead of the East killing their five lucas, getting their crystal kill and going back mainland to tend to potatoes, now the East is working with Redrum and the West to just as big of a pain in the ass to Pokemon as they can be.


Speaking of Redrum, it is amazing how many Dominions have been popping up lately.  That’s the problem with having a big zerg guild with the top guys being very well geared and the bottom guys being squishy.  Pokemon has to be everywhere all the time to protect all its members, but Redrum only has to be somewhere at one time to successfully steal packs.    


Finally, there is the ever famous losing to the East PUG raid which has become the long running joke on Salphira.   The moment that your raid (or boat) gets wiped by the East PUG raid, your days are numbered.   I have a feeling a video with the first occurrence of that is coming soon.


Atlas Reactor: New Freelancer NEV:3


Two major things about Atlas Reactor.   First, is that the game is finally going to get its own spot on the webpage, beyond just a link to the YouTube play list.  I have more and more free time now that I can devote to other projects.


Secondly, a new freelancer was introduced.  the last several freelancers have brought a lot to the game, but personally NEV:3 is my new favorite.  I’ve always loved trap characters, and the way here Katarangs work, she is as close to a trap character as we have.  Check out the video that we did about her.

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