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One of the hardest things over the last 18 months has been to try and balance career requirements, with real life requirements, with play-time responsibilities as a guild leader and finding time to work on the website and the YouTube channels.  Thankfully, Paradox will be getting some more full time staff who will be able to dedicate more hours a week to keeping the new players of Archeage and Atlas Reactor (and any new games we may venture to) up to date on new material.  


On the topic of the YouTube channel, we blazed straight past 200 subs and landed on 215.  That was an amazing 38 subscribers between July 2 and July 8.  The channel had over 8,000 minutes of watch time and 1,274 views.  

The support you guys have given the channel without a doubt drove me to achieve the level of excellence that allowed me to win second prize in the Trion Creator’s Program video contest. The Archeage 101 - Part VI (Trade Routes) Video was the one submitted and it won an Archeum Eternal Pack, which was a very cool reward, so thank you to everyone who has given me feedback and who helped me to bring my videos up to that quality.  


As far as contests go, both the Squirrels (1-3) and the Apex contests have been concluded.  You can see those results up top under Giveaways.   


I will be doing another Squirrel Glider contest this week when I get the next Archeage 101 video cut.  


Archeage News

Well, the Royal Seed change is in, so you can now get Royal Seeds in the vocation shop for 800 vocation each.   


There is also an event currently going on where you can basically double your charcoal gains by being in a family.  In your capital city for the East and the West or Mirage Isle there is a Masked Daru (Commemorative Event Worker).   He will give you your achievements for being in a family if you didn’t already get it and then he will give you three quests.   One will be a reward for doing the Certified Cargo turn in quest found at the Cargo Building.  This reward will be 20 charcoal and you will still receive the 20 charcoal from the quest giver, so that’s 40 charcoal per pack, plus 1650 vocation, which is an awesome deal.   The profit on this transaction is about 55 gold give or take a little, and the best part is, since you are turning in the quest not the pack, the turn in costs 0 labor.


Salphira News - The Pokemon Nation


The big news is that Reckless and Pokemon have formed the Pokemon Nation.  Seeing the Nation rules first hand now really leaves me with a ton of questions about what XLGames was thinking when they introduced this system, but it is what we have at the moment.  


Other than that, it's business as usually on Salphira      

Atlas Reactor News


None from this week.  Didn’t have any good matches this week either, but then again I didn’t play very many matches.


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