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Network News


This week was a great week for the Paradox Gaming Network.   First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the YouTube channel.  In just the past 28 days the channel has seen explosive growth with 85 new subscribers and over 4K views.  There has been over 20,000 minutes of viewing time and that’s 333 hours.  When I originally said I was going to do a blended video series between a video game and a classroom people laughed at me, but to be truly successful you need to follow your own vision.  If every video helps just one person, then I will have accomplished my goal.  


We are currently sitting at 174 subscribers and 9,794 views, so we will without a doubt burn right past 10,000 views this holiday (American) weekend.  


The other piece of great news is that I’m in the Trion Worlds Creator Program.  It took a while, but it was well worth it.  I currently have some giveaways going on right now.   The first is that I have 15 squirrel gliders to give away.  Three of them are going to be given away if you leave the comment “Rocky the Flying Squirrel” on the Archeage 101 Part VI - Trade Routes video.  Make sure to leave your comment by July 5th at 0000.  


Secondly, if you play Trove, I have 4 keys remaining as giveaways.   Since I do nothing with Trove, the first four people to email me at can have them.


Archeage News


There is a lot of change coming for Archeage.  The biggest one is that Royal Seeds will be available in the vocation shop for 800 Vocation.  This is going to be a big change for larders, as they are going to be easier to make, which will in turn create more cargo and certified cargo bringing the price of charcoal down.


The big thing is when will NA/EU get 3.7, because 3.7 is going to change the game a bit again.  Honestly, I wish we could have the timelines in advance so we could better plan for the game.  In most MMOs you don’t know exactly what is coming, but with the game being out in KR for months before it hits NA it gives the dedicated people time to research and figure out what they need to exploit, control, and manipulate to maximize profits.  


Salphira News - The return of a hero


I said I was done with being a hero.   I had done my six months and I was going to let other people have their chance to shine.  The problem is that the hero's we have been electing have just been seat-warmers.  If you have the opportunity to be a hero, and you aren’t doing anything to help the community then you don’t deserve to be sitting in the chair.  


I was taken aback when I saw the heroes that were elected this month who had been heroes last month.  Not a single repeat hero this month crossed the 3,000 leadership threshold.  I have to ask then “What’s the point of taking up the space?”

There are some familiar faces on the Hero board, with Cykes and Chua from Forsaken, Raging from Mayhem and Anita and Nick from Nobody.  It will be interesting to see how this month pans out.  


As far as server activity, <Paradox> is going to go back to doing library bosses so people can begin working on their Ayanad Earring.  Times will be posted as soon as a good schedule is decided on.   For the West, if you want to come along, feel free.  Everyone who does the quest gets the new mana print scraps so your contribution to the fight is rewarded..


Finally, for the East Faction, if you are new and you need help, Paradox or Nobody are both good guilds to get your bearings.   After that there are lots of different


Atlas Reactor News


I will have more time to cut more video footage, and one of the things I really want to do is cut some more Atlas Reactor videos.  Starting in 8 days I will have a lot more time, so be expecting some more guides and walk-throughs.  So hang tight my loyal Atlas Reactor fans, content is coming.    

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