Week of 11 June

June 11, 2017

Network News


​After many months of work, we finally have our custom channel name on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ParadoxGamingNetwork

​Thanks to Slipshield for being a marketing expert meets a pimp for getting us those last few subs.  


​I was going to do a raffle for all the people who commented, but since only 8 people commented I decided to give each of them 100 gold as a thank you.  So Ayanatsume, Heliar, Hellrazor, 


Nook, Sainten, Suzaku, Waul, and Wolfieray will all be logging in today to find 100 gold in their mailbox.  


​Archeage News


Lots of different bits and pieces to talk about this weekend.

First and foremost, there is a compensation box on the Trion Worlds website.  When you claim it make sure that you pick the right character as you can only assign it to one character.   So everyone knows, for the first few weeks after these compensation packages I consider anyone who doesn’t have the 3.7K gear score with a Celestial Buff an alt, so you will always be the first ones kicked from a raid.  Also if you are guildless, on a merchant ship, without this gear score; well thank you for moving the packs for me but I’m going to take them.  Not only are you an alt, you are a red alt.  

Also, if you like costumes, go to http://www.mmorpg.com or here for a free Blue Pirate Costume. As of Sunday 11 June there were about 20,000 codes left.  


New Trade Runs & Cargo

In the new Trade Runs and Cargo Pack system words matter.  I’m going to do a video on this later this week, but to give you a basic rundown down of the new system.  Pay attention to the words in bold, because words matter.  

You continue to make packs like you used to.  Nothing has changed with this.  Make your zone packs, your fellowship packs, your fertilizer packs, or your larders as per usual.  The only thing that has changed in this step is where you take your packs:

On the West you take them to the Cargo Building at: Solzreed Peninsula, Two Crowns, Cinderstone Moor;

On the East you take them to the Cargo Building at: Solis Headlands, Villanelle, Ynystere;


Now when these Cargo Buildings get filled with the proper ratio of packs, it will spit out a Cargo. The proper ratio is 14 Specialty Packs (Any Zone) 8 Fellowship Specialty Packs (Fert Packs fullfill this requirement) and 4 Aged (read: larders).  The Cargo it spits out will be appropriately named for the region you are in.  So if you are in Haranya, when your Cargo Building gets full of Harayan Packs it will spit out Harayan Cargo.


Now, what do you do with Cargo?  The only thing you can do with Cargo is take it somewhere overseas.  You cannot do anything with it on your continent.  You can take it to either the opposing faction (Nuia to Harayan, Harayan to Nuia) or you can take it to Fredich Isle for Dragon Essence.


Now, what happens when the Cargo Building gets filled with packs from the other faction?   Then it will spit out a different type of cargo called CERTIFIED CARGO.  The big red bold font isn’t by accident.  It will literally look like that when you cursor over the pack on your back.  

Now, pay attention here because Certified Cargo from the other faction, gets taken to your inland trader on your home continent. As a Harani I cannot turn packs into the Nuian traders.


Now, people are going to ask about the runs to Diamond Shores. As you know, I run my Guild and Website for new players.  If someone is at the point where they are running packs to Diamond Shores, they have it figured out, and I like to keep information limited to give people a good foundation in what they are doing.



I hope you have already leveled your family because 3.5 made it a little bit harder to reach the XP needed to get to Level 3. This latest patch changes the very easy 100 family XP delivery quest from being a pack that magically spawns in Tigerspine, to being a Cargo Pack that you need to pick up at the Cargo Center and delivery in-land on your continent.  You will need to open your third family quest in your Family menu and pick up the quest at the Cargo Center.


The advantage of doing this quest versus turning the "pack" in like you would turn in any other trade pack, is that you receive the same amount of base charcoal stabilizer (20) but the family quest also rewards you with the vocation badges as well.  This is something you are going to want to factor in when you consider when you are doing your profit ratios.  


​Some people originally thought that you could do both the family quest and the pack turn in; however, when do either one you will lose the pack as you have turned in in for either Quest Completion or to complete the sale to the vendor.  So for your first Charcoal run of the day, if labor is limited, or you need to level our family, you can turn one in for completion of the family quest.


​This should also help F2P players as they can use a pre-positioned alt to turn in the Charcoal pack.


​Finally, this is a work around for late packs, as the packs will provide 20 charcoal no matter how old the pack is.  If you find yourself crammed for time one day and you need to stage packs, this should work for that problem. 

Thanks to Ninetails for letting me know this section needed rework.


Aegis Island and Whalesong

There are now events whenever these zones go to war.  They have a daily attached to them similar to CR and GR.  You basically go, you do the quest, you finish the quest.  From Aegis Island after you kill the last boss jump through the portal to get your acid.  You will need to do these a lot if you are going to be going after Erenor Weapons, Armor and the Cloak.  You need 200 acid and 200 armor shards to do the Cloak, which in my opinion is a big upgrade to try and start with.



Mistmerrow has dropped to 22 minutes.  This is a great change, however, Mistmerrow seems to be in the way of a lot of other events.  Truthfully, I’m seeing people run in, get their towers done, then leave, and make sure to get back with like 2 minutes to spare.  Most people are content to skip MM all together, but it still has value.  First and foremost it grants honor.  Secondly, it gives warriors medals which if you are taking your cloak to Erenor you are going to need 800 of those little suckers.  


Cash Shop: Daily Hype Crate

There is a new and interesting Daily Hype Crate in the Cash Shop.  I was going to buy one, but then I heard someone got 1 (yes 1) cottonseed from it.  I’m going to wait to see about this crate, because I don’t want to punch a monitor over 200 credits.


Salphira News

​There is a lot of stuff going on over at Salphira right now.  The server is hopping with population.  We’ve had full CR raids, full Mistmerrow Raids, in fact, we’ve had full CR raids with nearly full CR raids on the next one.  Salphira is probably one of the best servers to start on if you don’t want to go to a fresh start server. There are good guilds on both sides who are willing to help you get started.

​Also, I have finally created the remaining 2 Crest Stamps for the Public House set.

If you have public buildings you want these for, Please send a Mail to Kandriss in game.  Let me know which ones you need and how many of each, but also tell me where your public house is.


​Congratulations to Forsaken

​They've hit Level 7.   Well deserved!


​Atlas Reactor News

​I still love you baby!  Don't leave me.   I just don't have time for you at the moment.

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