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June 3, 2017

Network News


It is a bittersweet moment informing everyone that I will be working on the Paradox Gaming Network full time in the next couple of months.  I will be retiring from the military and will have a lot more flexibility in when I publish stuff.  I’m hoping to get back into Alpha Testing and Streaming as well as keeping my guides more up to date for the new players.  Luckily, I’ve upgraded my video and audio production software, so I’m hoping that some of the videos that come out are of a higher and more entertaining quality.   I will continue to self teach myself, or I might even check the local community college to see if they have a program for video design. 


Archeage News


Archeage 3.5 release is four days away in North America and Europe, and it's already causing quite a lot of controversy.


Right now we are in the middle of of the Double Experience and Vocation Badges event.  This is a perfect time to stock up on Vocation Badges for the 3.5 patch.  From June 7 - June 13, there is going to be a TRIPLE Experience, Honor, Vocation Badges and Loot Drop bonus.  Come 3.5 you are going to need honor and/or vocation to get the Ancestral Warrior Medals you need for unlocking the new Ancestral Skills.  A triple event is the best time to stock on up what you need for 3.5 or for the future.  I mean, who doesn’t need more vocation badges.


Other 3.5 News


The public test server is up, and it’s worth taking a quick look at; however, be careful about the chick-littles who keep reporting that the sky is falling.  All you healers out there, don’t worry we didn’t get nerfed into the ground.  Yes, our Holy Bolt was normalized a little bit, but it wasn’t made worthless, and Ode to Recovery now has a Healing Received Buff to our party members.  Our Ancestral Skills did give us a lot of flexibility and it appears at first and second glance that a pure bard build is now more viable.  I will have to get back on the PTS to work on that more.


As was to be expected, there was some contention in the decisions about the new content, most notably the new car.  Players right now have been told that in order to obtain one of the new characters, they are going to have to start over from scratch.   This has, of course, started people on their tradition #compensationorriot campaign saying it's not fair that they’ve had their cars, have already invested a lot of both in game and out of game money getting them upgraded, only to have to do it all over again.  This author knew that there was going to be “something” amiss with the cars, so I’m happy to say I have a chest full of car materials and 1600+ Gilda Stars ready for 3.5.  


Another thing that was not well mentioned was the decision to take the 18,000 Vocation Drills and Majestic Trees out of the vocation shop.   This is going to be a significant change, as many people utilize these material producing shorts when they need to finish a new project.   While the lumber market won’t be as impacted, be prepared to see some significant change in the raw stone and stone brick markets.


Finally, the Magic Lamps quest is still going on, but if you haven’t gotten start with it, you are cutting it to the wire.  If you haven’t started yet, and you have two level 50+ alts on your account, you can still get one of the items, if you had three level 50+ alts on your account, you can still get 2 of the items.  If you are a Haryana on Salphira who needs this let me know and I’ll do my best to help you.  


As far as all the other changes, I will post updates here when I get a chance this weekend.


Salphira News


If I had only one word to describe Salphira right now the word would be: tumbleweeds.   If I was allowed two words it would be Ghost Town.  The population right now is currently so low that 88 Leadership gets you on the Harani Leader Board, 81 for the Nuians, and the Pirates only have 10 of their 50 candidate spots filled.  Salphira has always been on the smaller size for population,


Salphira is in desperate need of a few transfer guilds or we are most likely going to be looking at a forced server merge.  Truthfully, I could lay out the logistics for that merge where nobody would be 100% happy, but nobody would be 100% annoyed either.


Salphira also has a Discord managed by Anitacelt and Nickcelt.  If you need an invite whisper/mail one of them.  




I want to give props out to Jonny from <SEAWAY>, Girugamesh and Sagvolguer from <Shadow Society>.  We had a good little scrap the other day in the water.  A lot of these little Western Guilds are cropping up and aren’t willing to be pushed over.  I saw a fishing boat and I immediately went in to Jaws mode, but last week Animes Online BR on YouTube sorta pulled my punk card for blowing up new player boats, so instead of blowing it up, I just short of moved it out to the ocean little.  These guys, came out for another round.   Good Fight!  


Atlas Reactor News


Chapter 2 of Season 3 open on June 6th.  If you’ve never played Atlast Reactor and you are looking for a strategy based game, you might enjoy it.  On the right side of the main page is an Atlas Reactor link that if you follow and register you will be able to use all the freelancers for seven days.





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