Archeage and Salphira News

May 27, 2017


Lots to talk about this week for the Archeage Players who have stuck with this game for so long.


In game news, the 3.5 patch is upon us.  This is another organic change to the game.  Quite a few things are changing again, and not sure if all of it is for the better.   The new trade system seems like it's going to radically change the cross-ocean trade routes.  Apparently this worked really well for AA KR, however, they do not have the Alt Armies that Western Players amass.  I’m guilty of this myself.  I can run probably 10 accounts at the same time if necessary, so even I am not blameless in this.  I’m not going to try to explain what other people have already spent a lot of time explaining so head over to and read the changes in trading.


While you are there, check out the other articles they’ve put together for the 3.5 patch.  The other notable change I want to highlight for you is the removal of reforging.  XLGames has finally figured out that reforging was a broken system and they have removed it.  The only problem now is the potential backlash of the people who had leveled machining simply to be able reforge.  My opinion on this is simple: Like every other change you had plenty of time to make all your gold from it.  You made huge profit margins so there is zero reason for you to complain now.


The Public Test server is still down for people who live over there.  I couldn’t tell you an ETA on it, because this will be my first time going there and I’m just not dialed into


Now onto some other game mechanics that need fixing.  If you are a fisherman (or a pirate)  you were probably excited when the Merchant’s Costume: Fishing first game out.  Who wouldn’t want a 12 second reduction in their speed boost on their fishing boost.  Months after this has been reported the cooldown reduction is still broken.  Head over to this thread and post your comment about pushing this to the top of the to be fixed list.


In Game News:


First and foremost the Daru Event is still going on.  Secondly there are 11 days left which means thirdly, you still have time to get your Grim Reaver pet.  Do this.  Do it right now.  This pet is one of the best pets I’ve seen in not just Archeage, but in any MMO that has pets.  From the start, it just looks bad ass, there’s this translucent ghost holding giant scythe following you around.  He has a Shield, a damage reduction, a crit bonus, a life syphon and he causes fear on hit.  What’s not to love about this pet.


Next we have the new Streetwise Stash box.  From what I’ve been told the hoods on the hoodies cannot be put down, so a lot of people are upset about that.  Personally I’m never going to tell someone what sort of boxes they should go for, but this box I’d take a pass on.  The wrapped Serendipity Stone is the price to be had out of this particular box if you don’t get the hoodie.  Truthfully I would almost want to buy a few to get a few stones regardless of the hoodie.


People have been asking a lot of questions about what should they do with gearing right now.   The truth of the matter is I just don’t know.  I’m not sure what to advise people  The next major content patch is going to be a bit of a game changer, so because I don’t want to give people bad advice the only advice I’ll give is this:  Think everything you are about to do though at least twice.  You can’t go wrong with a weapon, but for everything else, the new 3.5 options are going to be on the table.


Salphira News:


Congratulations to the Player formerly known as Katsunaga on achieving his Enoan.   Everyone knows how much time, effort, and gold he put into this endeavor.  Absol brings a second geared Warship to Pokemon Center.  Maybe they are putting their eyes on the Leviathan Prize?  


Want to give a shout out to the Nuian Guild Oceanum Mercatorum. This guys may not be the most geared players on the server, but holy hell. I ended up fighting them for about 20 minutes the other night and while I wiped them a couple of times, I definitely felt like I had been in a fight. If one of the Nuian known leaders gives this guild a little time and attention they are without a doubt going to be powerful allies in a very short time frame.



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