May 20, 2017

There was a point in the history of Archeage where I was totally frustrated with the game.  It seemed like no matter how hard you worked you were always out geared by people who could either dual wield Visa and Mastercard or by people who got plain lucky.  Having to work two to three times as hard at gearing made the game infuriating. Having played the game in Alpha and then watching the patches transform the game from decent, to bad, to worse caused me to eventually decide to shop for a new game. I ended up settling on Revelation Online because it was the closest to Archeage that I could find.


After spending a few weeks in Revelation Online, I realized that if I had to decide between the RNG curse of Archeage and the blatant exploits of Revelation Online, I'd take AA.


The 3.0 patch went a long way into balancing the game, although more is still needed considering a few builds still reign supreme (Darkrunner).  Also, even though I play a healer, I will fully admit that the Holy Bolt ability was way overpowered.  However, given how the game was getting very stale, very quickly, the 3.0 patch was great for the game.


What's more exciting is the upcoming 3.5 patch.  It looks like due to the new changes, there will be more action on the oceans.  I could go into a lot of details, but why re-invent the wheel?  If you want to know more check out


A major word on Trion though.  Even though they've had their problems over the years, and even more this week, I will say they've finally given away a compensation pack worth something.  The free regrade scrolls and regrade charms smack in the middle of a regrade event was a great way to apologize for what's been going on.  Although now, its Saturday, during prime time and all their games are down, but it looks like an authentication server error.  

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