Salphira - March

March 20, 2017

It is usually Saturday the news gets worked on, however, there has been so much going on all week on Salphira, it's been hard to work on the news, let alone any videos.  I’ve dedicated a few hours today to work on the stuff that reflects the good times on Salphira, so Nuians run those Merchant Ships, because I’m not online to mess with you.

A few shout-outs to the West

Chaosgauge:  The Leader the West Needs?


Before we start with the successes of the East, I want to give major kudos out to Chaosgauge and all of Sacred Order.  I know the West has been as fractured as the East since launch, but the Nuians need to get behind this guy if they want to dig out of the hole they are currently in.  Very rarely are their players who dedicate their time to protecting their faction for no personal gain.  Merchant Ship owners let me just say this, if Chaos didn’t bring SO to save your tradeships, you’d be losing a whole lot more than you already are.  Even worse, I see you argue with him after he has come to help you.  Most other players would have just contacted me by now and been like “30% of the packs for our cut?” and then stood there while you lost your ship.


Alexis:  Getting shit done


One other Nuian I want to shout out is Alexis.  Every day he’s at Luscas, and no matter how shitty of a day he’s having with it, he’s sticks with it until it's done.  He and I have the same opinion of most PUGs and that is if you don’t have sand and/or ammo you are a Muppet who needs to stay at home.  I also laugh when out of nowhere he T-bones my Galleon.  Man, you keep the game fun.


Where did all these Easterners come from?


Yes, our population has exploded.  We got a fair number of transfers, but several of the smaller guilds are consolidating into more PVP-centric guilds.  Also, the East has inherited a few very solid leaders and shot callers.

​Pokedex:  Led by Professoroak his has unleashed Evolved Pokemon on Salphira; but what’s more he unleashed his Enoan yesterday.  These guys are PVP on meth and PCP.  You call out something, and you have no idea which Pokemon are coming out of the portal, but it doesn’t matter you are going to get the backup you need.

​Mayhem:  The conversation about what’s stronger five or one usually results in people picking the five, until you find out if its five fingers or one fist.  This is what Mayhem it; it is the culmination of a great recruiting campaign coupled with great leadership under Friskies.  The organization these guys have brought to the East PUG raids are the reason more and more things are getting done.

CTRL:  Not the same CTRL of yesteryear, Shaike has brought over his group of PVPers and is bringing a fight to contest the content that was previously on Pirate Few Farm.  While not the largest guild on the East, they are organized enough that if they enter a contested situation, they will certainly tip the scales.

<​We Few> <We Zerged> <We Failed> <We Fled>


​Where oh where did that potato Chandysauce go?  Oh he flew the coup and went to Ollo, because, well, if you are going to transfer off Salphira to a server with even less contested content, Ollo is where you would go.  Seems like everything that was said about We Few was true.  They were the lords of a graveyard; they stepped up to rule the world that was in ashes after the SlayerS era but never earned anything for themselves.  There is no pride or honor to be had saying “We are taking all the content” when you learned how to do the content from people from the NA first guild.  

Sure, its great to say you have Kraken, Anthalon, Glenn, Meina, and Red Dragon on farm; but when you are doing it with an average gear score of 6K, and the people who did it first did it with an average gear score of 4.5K and had to contest it every minute of every attempt due to PVP; you are nothing more than a pale shadow of greater guilds.


Don’t count <We Few> out though, they still have some very powerful people in their guild and will no doubt continue to be a nuisance.  


<Squad><Bonanza is Bad> Armada


Ok, regardless of how many people these 2 guilds have, the size of their naval armada is insane.  Seriously it's like Cockroaches, you step on one and two or three step up to take their place.  I am a little concerned that these guys seem to be a more organized <We Few>; strong in the ways of the Zerg, but boring in small engagements because they have no skill as individuals.




I’m not sure, but I think that the people who were East who went pirate forgot that there is one thing the East does really well:  Deny Abyssal.  There are laws of good balance for the health of any server, one of those things is do not let your enemy have 24,500 Gold Uncontested.  The East kept the pirates from getting their Abyssal Pack goodness on Saturday.  Yes, some people would say that we didn’t get packs either; but truthfully we weren’t going to get more than a handful, and stopping the pirates from getting any is a win in our book.  That might not be a big enough win for some people.  I can do better.


Red Dragon Downed by East Pugs


If the Red Dragon is the gold standard of achieving content, then the East got their gold star rating last night.  Yes, there was a wipe at 9%, but that is what’s going to happen when you mix and match members of 4-5 different guilds, but the important thing was that we actually downed it, while having to fend off the West and some Pirates.

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