Wolfessmoon Takes #2 Hero Salphira East brings a fight everywhere...Abyssal, Luscas, Halcy, and no Red Dragon for the West

April 24, 2016


Election results for April are in, and Wolfessmoon has been picked up as the #2 Hero.   This was quite a surprise, not that she was picked up as a hero, but how high she was placed in the hero standing.


This is a testament to what doing good things for strangers can do when a popularity contest comes around.  A big surprise was that neither of the other Paradox candidates hit the hero board, while some of the other candidates are somewhat intriguing. Regardless of the outcome, <Paradox> remains committed to the Faction and is happy to announce the opening of its six public tradepack house, this one in South Windscour courtesy of Morpheos.  This puts Paradox Tradepack houses in Rookborne Basin, Perinoor Ruins, Silent Forest, Windscour Savannah, Arcum Iris and Solis Headlands.   


Saturday wasn’t all good for Paradox however, they came under three different Dominions throughout the day racking up a 0-2-1 record.  Knights of Fenrir dropped two different dominions, winning one and drawing on the other.  The win was only possible due to the simultaneous timing of the Halcy war.   KoF does have some great retreat to the Nui statue techniques that Paradox will have to learn at some point.   Still KoF won the day with a score of 11-7.   Jempire was the other guild that dropped a Dominion on Paradox, this was after they and KoF were trying to bring down the Red Dragon what seemed like all night.  Either that, or they were still upset about that stolen trade ship that was on its way to FI.   


Speaking of Red Dragon, the Easterners need to learn that the guilty button doesn’t always have to be hit when a pirate goes on trial.   The East did a good job of prolonging the Red Dragon fight, but the credit for the reset goes to the pirates who came mainland and did a full wipe up.   


And, the statue in the throne room is back up thanks to several donations to Paradox, but also to Blarkz who is recently returned to Kyrios.   Rumor is he’s going to be going pirate, but for the short time we have him on the East he is making a difference coming out for several different engagements and turning some fights.  


As a whole the East came out in force on Saturday, several full raids for the first time in a long time.   Abyssal and Luscas were a fight for the first time in a long time with over a dozen enemy Galleons sunk.  The Harayan faction brought more than a raid to Halcyona for the first time in probably six months.  

Contesting world bosses, stealing merchant ships, kill the West instead of bloodlusting.   This is the strength of a United East.  

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