Archeage is heating up

April 1, 2016

Things on Salphira in Archeage are heating up again, and the server has never been more alive.  


The Eastern Faction has seen a rise in new leadership along with some familiar faces staying in the mix.  Jahlon reclaimed the number one hero spot, but with his ascension, so comes the bad news that Paradox only has one hero for the month of March.  Singularity, Forsaken, Totally Spies, Black Omen, Cohhilition, and Union all claimed one hero spot, Skooma Empire claimed two, and the surprise face on the top 10 was Zuumzera, the guildless ex-Slayers who didn’t make the transfer with the rest of his guild.    


Leadership isn’t restricted to the hero board however; two faces making impressive changes to the faction  are Frostbitten and KJWolf.   These two individuals are bringing their unique styles to leadership and hitting the West and the Pirates at every turn.


The West saw a massive surge in power with the return of Sin to mainland under the new guild Tag Wrath.   Knights of Fenrir, Jempire and Wrath make a powerful three way team, keeping the West at pretty much every event in full force, while the East often struggles to fill a raid.   No doubt later this afternoon 3 or 4 castles will belong to the West again.


The pirates were hit the hardest this month in the aftermath of transfers and mainland returns.  Their hero board is 50% empty, with rumors circling that Rise is either quitting or returning mainland.   Not that the pirates will be affected too much by this turn of events, right now it seems like whatever they set their sights on they accomplish, or make it damn impossible for anyone else trying to do the same thing.

If you are considering Archeage as a game to play, come on over to Salphira.   Its finally fun again.



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