Strategy beats numbers every time

February 12, 2016


On Wednesday 27 Jan, the west attacked for the third day in a row.   This time, the East fought back, getting some of their claims done.   Strangely SlayerS had not gone to the West, so using a quick series of Portal hops, Jahlon lead the East Pug raid on a daring raid into Cinderstone.   With careful coordination, the East Pug raid finished off their GR raid, and took three out of the four World bosses.  Kudos to Nedalee for the good scouting and Jimmy the Snake for tanking the bosses on the East Side during the withdrawal.


The bigger victory came on Friday night.   Filling less than half a raid and sensing a Western Invasion, Jahlon was nervous about his chances.   His fears confirmed by his sources inside SlayerS and using tactics rather than brute strength, Jahlon hid his raid in a new location.  When the reds arrived the East was outnumbered 2:1.   Striking from a position of strength and having positioned the GR mobs between him and the Western approach, the West couldn’t distinguish between the GR mobs and the East raid until it was too late.   The East finished off their raid and were holding their own versus the West when SlayerS arrived.

Kudos to the East for showing the signs of life and that they might be able to rally under one commander.

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