Archeage 101 - Section Twenty: Returning Players

Key Terms in this Section

Specifically for Returning Players


This section is only for returning players.  It will be written in such a way that assumes a basic understanding how the game used to be.  If you are a new player, you don’t want to dive in here you want to be in the document above


OLD VIDEOS:   These videos are here because people have started to have this document. I will not be recutting these videos due to the fact that won’t fall in line with the new curriculum.  This is just a special section for old/returning players.


Major 5.0 Changes


Skill Changes, Passive Changes, and New Levels


First and foremost, there has been a major organic change to the skill trees.


In the past we had 28 points to spend, but we had to purchase every skill and every passive that we wanted.   The new build only gives us 18 points, but passives are free.  Additionally there has been some shifting around of passives back to the trees since Abyssal skills have gone away, with most of the abilities going into the new Malediction skill tree. Everything in Malediction is based on magic attack and magic damage.   


Additionally, there is a change to the levels in Archeage.  We have gone from having 7 Ancestral Levels to 34.  Each Ancestral Level gives the following bonuses:


Accuracy +0.05% (+1.70% at Lv 34)

Toughness +10 (+340 at Lv 34)

Received Damage Reduction +0.1% (+3.4% at Lv 34)

Resilience +20 (+680 at Lv 34)

With our returning players helped, we will close up by discussing some Odds and Ends.

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