Where did the last month go?

I have 100% completely and totally lost track of all time and it has been a month since I put out a blog. The last few weeks have been a total blur, between alpha testing Fractured, getting ready for the alpha for Ashes of Creation, and spinning up a third YouTube channel.

I do apologize for not putting out a blog before now, but time is always against me. Since there is a small break in the work that needs to be done, let’s see if we can get a blog pushed out this morning.

YouTube - Three Channels keeps you busy

So everyone knows the Paradox Gaming Network has the main gaming YouTube channel. This is the mainstay channel of the organization. There is also the Jahlon On channel which is more of my personal blog, views on life, advice, etc. As of this week the organization now has a third YouTube Channel PGN Music.

I am happy to announce that I have moved over the Jazz 4 track short, as well as the Steampunk Dreams songs that were completed over to the channel. I’ll make those public every 3rd day until they are all caught up.

I have a lot of the music for Steampunk Dreams done, now I’m trying to find artists to make the artwork so I can put a few more of them on YouTube. I’m also getting a lot of Lofi / Chill music made so I can populate that channel.

Everything on that channel is DMCA/Copyright Free. The individual songs will be listed as owned by PGN Music or if they are simply copyright free. Anything that is owned by PGN Music you can use without fear of copyright strikes or claims.

Content Creators: Fiverr - Use it

So one of my biggest faults is that I try to be self-sufficient and do as much stuff as I can do myself. I’m always trying to do my own graphics, or my own intros, etc. Since time has become a major concern for me I no longer try to do stuff that will take me five to ten hours when I can pay a professional to knock it out for me. The PGN logo, the Paradox Gaming Network Channel Header and all the Twitch alerts and stuff. All that came from Fiverr.

If you need to get work done on Fiverr use this link http://www.fiverr.com/s2/d031d68d2a and it will save you 20% off. That’s no small discount especially when you are trying to get some bigger stuff created.

If you need an artist for channel headers, you need an artist for total design work,

Fractured MMORPG

So let me say that the Fractured Alpha Test surprised me. It was very well flushed out. They’ve increased a lot of stuff since the fall testing. A lot of people are interested in it too, I gave away a total of 70 Alpha keys for this test and ended up with about a 15% conversion rate for people picking up packages.

I put together a review of the Spring 2021 Alpha for you to check out if you are interested in isometric downward looking games.

If you are interested in fractured you can sign up here: https://fracturedmmo.com/?refcode=a5f046988254 or you can check out their shop via my affiliate link https://fracturedmmo.com/store/#pack or you can make it easy and use CODE JAHLON or PARADOX at checkout to save 10%.

Money from that goes to all that snazzy jazz and artwork that has been appearing lately.

Ashes of Creation

We are so close to the Ashes of Creation Alpha 1 testing that I can almost taste it. Ok, what I’m really tasting is an Arnold Palmer tea, but close enough.

If you need to get caught up on Ashes of Creation there are a couple of videos for you to check out.

The first is the Creative Director Letter Review

And then the 26 March Livestream Recap

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to stay up to date with the Ashes of Creation content, you can use the convenient linktree https://linktr.ee/Ashes101

I keep this update with all the official stuff, recent interviews, etc. Instead of having to hunt for a bunch of information you can get everything at your fingertips

Stream Raiders

So, funny enough we’ve been doing really well at Stream Raiders PvP. We’ve gone 15-15 and 17-11 for the last two outings in PvP, which is pretty good. Also, funny enough we won for a 3rd time in the PvP Tournament.

This means sometime soon I’ll have 6 Logitech Headsets to give away and like $300 in Gift Cards.


Finally I am happy to report that I have crossed over 200,000 Twitch Views. Doesn’t seem like a lot but we have been averaging about 1,000+ live views per show for the last several months with an average viewership of over 100 for the Ashes of Creation shows and about 50 for the Stream Raiders Show.

I steam Mondays (1600 Eastern) Wednesdays (1000 Eastern) and Fridays (1200 Eastern) or you can click the

https://www.twitch.tv/paradox_gaming_network/schedule link and see it in your local times.