When you get those random metrics

So it was a weird week this week. I got a bunch of notices for the achievements and productivity I had in 2020 and some other accomplishments. These were some good insights for me to give me a little clarity with what I’m doing with my passion projects.


So, a couple of interesting things this week on YouTube.

First, I realized early in the week my YouTube channel isn’t growing, at least not at the rate it was in January of 2020. The reason why, in Jan 2020 I was still getting a lot of residual Archeage Unchained views and watch time from the Archeage/Archeage Unchained 101 series.

Then of course it dawned on me that, in order to grow on YouTube you have to be putting out

  1. Quality Videos….

  2. On subjects people want to watch

It’s not really a hard science, but it's one you easily lose sight of when you are under the sink trying to figure out where the leak is.

Tried something new this week. YouTube now has #shorts. Vertical videos of 60 seconds or less. I tried one, and it had a pretty decent turn out on its first day.

I will say, these are a ton more work to edit. I think I spent 4 hours editing a 57 second video.

The other thing this week is that I have uploaded over 600 Videos to YouTube.

Now, in fairness a lot of these are just saved copies of my live streams, but still, that is a lot of content available on my channel. Plus, a TON of people listen to those livestream saves. I’m thinking about possibly downloading them and putting them up on podcast site so people can access them without needing YouTube (or can more easily download them as an mp3).

This is still something I’m trying to figure out the cost/benefit analysis on, so if that is something you’d like to see, make sure to get in touch with me.


On the Twitch front things continue to go good. We have been hitting 100+ viewers per stream and that is great considering I’m still working with Ashes of Creation pretty much full time, with a side order of Stream Raiders.

Another one of those cool little metrics that got dropped off this week was last year’s numbers.

Pretty good for 2020 since I only really streamed half the year. I’m going to crush those numbers in 2021.


I’m hoping to be rocking the new shirt tomorrow for the show. Maybe? Hopefully?


Jahlon On

This week’s Jahlon On is a hybrid motivation and Content Creation video. I saw a poster on the Twitch sub-reddit talking about wanting to quit streaming. So, I took their post, worked a little magic, and turned it into a quick video. I will tell you, the person who made the post reached out and loved it.

So if you are a content creator and a streamer and you want to quit streaming, listen to this first before you decide to give up.

...and that's it guys and girls I will see you next week.