We are Mic Charlie on OSD Charity

In the month of September the Paradox Gaming Network set a Charity Goal for Operation Supply Drop (https://streamlabscharity.com/operation-supply-drop) to help them raise money towards their goals. Out of the box we set a $1000 goal for our first charity event. Some people said that we set the goal too high, and maybe we did.

Jahlon ended up doing $ for $ matching up to $100 on two occasions, but even if we take away that $200, the community raised $935 and with one more push that $200 from Jahlon wouldn't have been needed. So the Paradox Gaming Network Community take a bow, you knocked this one out of the park.

Even better is the fact that currently Operation Supply Drop has raised $4,637.58 and with the Paradox Gaming Network portion of that, it means we as a community have raised 24.47% of the total funds. For such a small community, that is amazing.

Be proud today PGN community. This is what community building is all about.

If anyone wants to make a last minute contribution to the campaign you can here: https://streamlabscharity.com/@paradox-gaming-network/paradox-gaming-network-operation-supply-drop

Next Month we will be starting our Extra Life for Charity push, including Jahlon doing a 24 Hour Stream on 7 November. We don't have a goal set for that yet, but we will see what happens and what sponsorships or support we can get.