Time Flies...Even if you AREN'T Having Fun

Its easy to lose track of time, when the work in the in-box is piling up faster than you can clear it out. It is just one of the things you need to address. Some times multi-tasking is the way to go; other times you just clear one big project off the plate.

Watching people want to liaise with the Paradox Gaming Network now that it is growing is interesting to watch, since after all, a few years ago we were small and looking for someone to give us not a hand-out but a hand-up. In the end we ended up taking the 40 miles of unexplored road to get to where we were going.

It is shocking though to see people just expect a helping hand with nothing offered in exchange. Ask for advice, ask for guidance, ask for mentorship, but don't ask for a shortcut. There are no shortcuts. You have to work hard. Don't expect to ride coat tails. Its not going to get you anywhere with that sort of mentality.

The movie Startdust has a line where the witch at the wall doesn't deal with "time-wasters" and that is so relevant today. People waste a lot of their own time, and if you let them, they are going to waste a lot of yours as well. Don't let that happen. Time is going to fly, is a precious commodity. Don't waste it.