This week in Paradoxville

Good week for the Paradox Gaming Network. Nothing too earth shattering. Lots of little bits and pieces, maintenance work, end of year tax stuff, legal stuff (setting up good stuff for the future), and lots of mentoring.

This week wasn’t a good week for my own creation, but I did do a video on Ashes of Creation. This was was an update on the Cosmetics that we got from Steven on the Reddit.

The Twitch Show also went really well this week. We did 4 shows because of the Stream Raiders PvP Tournament on Saturday.

We ended up going 18-13 during the tournament so I’ll take that. We are still having a Busters problem, with people dropping them at bad times in bad places. I’m not quite ready to put the lock on the PVP channel yet, but it is getting close. I think once the community starts having some level 30 units in our armies that will happen.

I didn’t do a Jahlon On this week. As you guys know when I did the video at 86,400 seconds a day I talked about how some things need to give. Unfortunately, even I have things that take up my 86,400 seconds. This week I had some things take up my precious seconds. I had to run into town a couple of times, which of course eats up time, plus my daughter has started driver’s education and needs 50 hours behind the wheel, so that ate up time. Now I need to replan and replot out my 86,400 hours a day which means I need to cut out some gaming.

Oh no, not the gaming.

With that said, one huge thing done this week was one of the pieces of merch got designed, done, and the first one was produced.

I love it. Its great. Its amazing.

Now if I could get it to appear on the Design by Humans app on Twitch